New Year, New Product Release

FellowshipOne iOS Check-in 2.0 includes Spanish, printers, iPad Pro and more!

The FellowshipOne iOS Check-in Application captures real time attendance for church activities. In this totally refactored new product release of iOS Check-in, we incorporate new features that are designed to improve usability, offer more hardware options, and even the ability to translate the App into Spanish.

Thanks to customer feedback, iOS Check-in is now easier to use than ever! Update to the latest version of iOS Check-in to take advantage of:

  • Spanish translations equip your Spanish-speaking services for check-in
  • New desktop printer options connect directly to your iPad
  • iPad Pro compatibility
  • Design updates provide a more intuitive user experience
iOS 2.0 Email Screenshot 600x400

For more information, check out the iOS Check-in 2.0 Product Release Notes.

My Check-in Application is now available!

Ready to revolutionize check-in?

We’re excited to announce the release of Fellowship One™ My Check-in. This web-based application is designed to allow assigned participants and volunteers to check in to activities from the convenience of their smartphones.

This cutting-edge tool simplifies and expedites the check in process and makes gathering elusive individual attendance data easier than ever!

What we’re most excited about is that Congregants can now:


> Check themselves and/or household members into assigned activities such as Weekend Services, classes and special events

> Update contact information

> Communicate Special Instructions to teachers regarding the care of kids in the household

> Upon arriving at church, print any necessary name tags, item tags and parent receipts by simply scanning the displayed QR code.


For a more thorough walkthrough of all the benefits of Fellowship One™ My Check-in, visit the Help Center or plan to join us for a free, 1-hour live webinar on Wednesday, August 24 at 2PM (CDT). Register now!

A Command Center for all Church Leaders


“Where there is no guidance the people fall, But in abundance of counselors there is victory.” – Proverbs 11:14

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It has always been true that great bosses surround themselves with talented people. As churches grow, however, it can sometimes be hard for leaders to delegate responsibilities within the church.


Beyond Child Check-In Software


We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our Teacher check-in feature. Never waste paper again creating rosters that will only become obsolete the minute new unexpected guests arrive and others leave or never make it to their final destination because of unforeseen events.

Fellowship One Teacher is the second step in our effort to revolutionize the church check-in process this year.


Coming Soon: The New ChMS Check In Solution from Fellowship One

As churches grow, many choose to introduce multiple service times to provide space for new attendees and families to visit and feel comfortable rather than continually trying to expand their buildings. Dozens (or in some cases, hundreds) of parents bring their kids and drop them off in classrooms or children’s church prior to going to the main worship service.

Anyone working in children’s and student ministries knows the top three priorities of check-in:

  • Each child is checked into an age-appropriate classroom
  • Health or custody issues are well understood by staff and volunteers
  • Child pick-up is limited only to authorized adults

We would like to add a fourth priority: In addition to checking in children and families,
Volunteers are checking in to their assigned roles as well.


The Future of Church Analytics

Performance Dashboard and Interactive Reports

Healthy churches grow, and as they grow, it’s becomes harder for leaders and staff to keep up with what’s happening in the church. Key church analytics on giving, attendance and serving are critical to monitoring church health.

Seeing results quickly and easily means that church leaders can make decisions efficiently. It’s also important to see contributing factors and trend changes in order to dig into details so you can take immediate action to correct or enhance the results of your ministry.


Fellowship One Releases, November 2014

Our Fellowship One development team continues to work hard building features and enhancements. Here are a few of the features we released this week that will positively impact your day-to-day.

Give Without an Account

A few weeks back, our team released the option to give online without having to create an InFellowship account. This was a big win for many churches because it allowed you to receive funds and donations from people who were not members of your church.


Automating Your Pledge Drives

Free Up Valuable Resources by Automating Your Pledge Drives

With the holidays fast approaching, this is where we begin to see a ramp-up in the number of pledge drives created. You are probably thinking of making a pledge drive (or may have made one already!). We all know that manually entering and managing numerous contributions to various pledge drives can take up a lot of time, as well as resources. In today’s world, we are always looking to make things faster and easier. Your church should be no exception.


What’s so Great about The Roadshow?

Our team loves to help churches take full advantage of the powerful technology available through Fellowship One. For the last five years, we’ve gone on tour with the Dynamic Church RoadShow to bring educational resources directly to our church partners.

These RoadShow events are a highlight for customers because for a minimal registration cost they get hands-on training and networking opportunities, but right in their own area of the country. At each stop, a team of consultants host dynamic training sessions, specialized tracks for both beginners and executives, one-on-one discussion, and lots of fun — which we like to call “edu-tainment”; because we know that you learn better when you’re awake!


More Mass Action for Assignments

One of the great features of Fellowship One is the ability to perform a mass action. This could range from sending a communication to hundreds of your members or updating the records of many with a single click.

By popular request, we have added two additional mass action features to the Assignments list. This is the ability to delete and email members directly from the assignments overview page (Ministry > Assignments > View All).