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FellowshipOne Launches Insights!

If you’re like most church leaders, you have neither the time nor desire to crunch numbers all day. You’ve got meetings to finalize the VBS schedule, schedule guest pastors for this summer, and even more meetings to finally nail down the sermon series for the fall. You have too much to do to comb through pages of data.

Instead of spending hours trying to make your data make sense, FellowshipOne Insights does it for you, so you can put your energy and time into your ministry instead. With a customizable and easy to use interface, you can find what your church thinks is important quickly and easily.

Modern churches crunch numbers to assess how they are operating and leading against their goals and mission to grow people spiritually, and to discover where improvements need to be made. They need to discover information and detect trends that aren’t immediately noticeable. They need reliable data on which to make predictive decisions for the health and true growth of not only the church, but more importantly its members and visitors. Insights can be the key to assuring that kind of growth in your ministry.


FellowshipOne Insights offers unparalleled visibility into the effectiveness of your ministries. You would also be able to lead your church into greater accountability based on data-driven analysis of where you are using your resources.

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