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FellowshipOne Insights in Action: Feedback from a Church Partner

When we launched FellowshipOne Insights six months ago, the immediate response was amazing! Hundreds of people attended the Intro to Insights webinars hosted by the Professional Services team and within the first month, many FellowshipOne Premier customers were actively engaging with the Insights dashboards.

But Insights is so much more than dashboards!

And now, more customers than ever are utilizing this business intelligence tool that also includes Attributes Dashboards. With almost 700 customers regularly leveraging this technology and functionality, we wanted to know not only ‘What’s it like working with Insights?’ but also ‘How has Insights changed the way you manage your church?’

 “One of the best things I’ve seen from FellowshipOne!”

When we asked these questions of Marlene Abbey, Operations Director at LifeMission Church, she was quick to share that the starting point for her was the Contributions reporting for their different campuses. The addition of Insights even revealed areas where the church leadership needed to change the way they refer to certain data points like: unique givers, average giving unit, and number of contributions. “Understanding unique contributors and average dollars per giving unit has been a really big deal for us. It’s helping me eliminate steps I was doing manually.” By leveraging bookmarks and saved filters, Marlene’s next goal is to delegate reporting to her assistant.

 “You’ve given me dashboards I didn’t even know I’d like to see.”

“Insights gives me exactly what I’m looking for,” Marlene said. “You’ve given me dashboards I didn’t even know I’d like to see.” And the church leadership is responding positively to the upgrade in reporting visibility too. “The overview format is extremely helpful for our leadership. My pastor can see overall trends, and I can drill down to see the actual numbers behind it.” It’s the best of both worlds!

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