A Command Center for all Church Leaders

Church Leaders have a Command Center

“Where there is no guidance the people fall, But in abundance of counselors there is victory.” – Proverbs 11:14

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It has always been true that great bosses surround themselves with talented people. As churches grow, however, it can sometimes be hard for leaders to delegate responsibilities within the church.

In a recent quote in Outreach Magazine, Craig Groeschel at LifeChurch.tv (a long-time Fellowship One customer) explains, “If we delegate tasks, we are creating followers – or people who simply do what they are told. But if we delegate authority, we are creating leaders. And the only way to build and retain great leaders is to give the ministry away to them and empower them to lead freely.”

(source: Gruenewald, Bobby. “Interview Craig Groeschel, Life.Church at 20 Years.” OutReach Magazine 2015 OutReach Special Issue. Print.)

That is why Fellowship One is continuing to redefine what it means to equip your leaders. By giving them command centers, we help them better own and manage their ministry missions.

As of last night, two new features were launched: Fellowship One Launchpad and Fellowship One Coordinator. Each empowers members of your congregation and staff to have more control of leading in your ministry vision.

Fellowship One Launchpad

Launchpad is your new Fellowship One command center. Everything that we build and have built will be accessible through it. In today’s modern church, people tend to be lots of things: Volunteers, congregates, small group leaders, staff members. Now, everyone has their own personal tools in one, easy to access place.

Fellowship One Launchpad is the one place you need to go to in order to open:

  • Fellowship One Dashboard – View key performance indicators like Attendance, Giving and Attributes
  • Fellowship One Teacher – Teachers can view and manage students who have checked into their classrooms
  • Fellowship One Coordinator – Service Coordinators can balance room occupancy for all rosters within the activity and move volunteers and participants between rooms
  • InFellowship – Your congregational portal
  • Fellowship One Portal – Your main church database
  • Your account information – Easily edit your personal, household, security and preferences in one, easy-to-find place.

 Launchpad is responsively built and can be accessed from any device with internet access (computer, tablet, or smart phone). Start sharing your personal link with everyone in your church.

Generate your URL for Launchpad:
launchpad.fellowshipone.com/#/login/churchcode (all lowercase)

Does your version of Launchpad look different than the pictures?

You will only see what you have access and rights to in the system. Therefore, only some of the apps will be visible to you. If you feel that something is not displaying correctly, contact your account manager at your earliest convenience.

Fellowship One Coordinator

Coordinators are the church leaders responsible for events and/or children’s ministry. While Fellowship One Teacher offered new ways for volunteers to manage their guest rosters digitally and in real-time, there was still something missing when it came to managing all the volunteers. Now, there is Coordinator. On any device, you can:

  • Monitor room capacities in real-time as guests/students and volunteers/staff check-in.
  • Be alerted when rooms approach maximum capacity
  • Move guests or students between rooms to create a better balance or handle issues.
  • Make temporary updates to volunteer or staff assignments so that they can manage their guests on their Fellowship One Teacher tool.
  • Manually open or close rooms regardless of predetermined capacities as well as temporarily increase or decrease room capacities.

This means that the capacity numbers in your rosters are now active and can automatically close a room. If left blank, the roster will not have any capacities set.

If you are premier, go to Fellowship One Coordinator by going to: http://coordinator.fellowshipone.com

If you would like to speak to someone about upgrading to premier, please visit this page: http://landing.activenetwork.com/coordinator-launchpad/

We hope that these tools will help you equip your leaders and build a greater ministry. At ACTIVE Fellowship One, we work hard to keep faith active in every community around the world. Thank you for partnering with us.

Beyond Child Check-In Software

678_15_COMM.FTH_Teacher-Dashboard-Interactive-BlogWe are extremely excited to announce the launch of our Teacher check-in feature. Never waste paper again creating rosters that will only become obsolete the minute new unexpected guests arrive and others leave or never make it to their final destination because of unforeseen events.

Fellowship One Teacher is the second step in our effort to revolutionize the church check-in process this year. Take a short break and watch our hilarious video about this new feature.


In celebration of this epic release, we asked ourselves, “Check-in is for more than just Sunday school. How are others using it to fit their needs?” From our recent Fellowship One Roadshows, here are some of the great ways our church partners shared that they are using check-in:

  1. Keeping separate youth group ages apart.

One church has created a system to know instantly which youth group a kid belongs to when more than one age group meets on the same night. In order to separate out middle school from high school, they have trained their groups to check-in at different areas of the church. At their assigned printers, they use different color tags. For example, green for high school and blue for middle school. This way when the kids put on their name tags, leaders can see from afar which group they belong to and can point them in the right direction.

  1. Holiday gift baskets

One church has a holiday program in which they offer gift baskets to families in need. Families are allowed to come and pick up baskets and are asked to return the basket at a later date. This church uses check-in for basket pick up and drop off, and creates rosters that let them see who picked up their baskets and which ones have been returned. It provides a great opportunity to check back to see if families need help.

  1. Golf Tournaments or Big Events

This is a fun example. One church found a clever way to illuminate frustration by using check-in for their golf tournament. They created the golf tournament as an activity. Then they set up the golf tournament schedule. Next they created rosters for start time and tee position. Then they added cart number as the breakout group. This meant that when the golfer checked in, two tags were printed, one for them and one for their bag. Volunteers were then able to match the bag with the cart number and pre-deliver the bag to the cart. Then each golfer had their tee time and cart number right on their name tag. Event management nightmare solved!

The same church also did this for a large event where attendees broke into small groups. They put their small group location right on their name tag so volunteers could instantly tell them where to go.


If you have used check-in in unique ways, let us know! We would love to share your story as well. You can learn more or request an Account Manager contact you to get premier here. Also, please check out our support and educational materials here.

Online Giving Just Got Easier. Fellowship One Exclusive.

Fellowship One New Online Giving SolutionOnce again, we have revolutionized the ChMS space, changing the landscape to allow churches to offer the modern conveniences of today’s technology in one easy-to-use package. Churches of all sizes are looking for a tool that makes giving easier for their members. Fellowship One’s exclusive partnership with Vision2 lets you say goodbye to managing multiple platforms for your tithes and offerings.

This new solution is fully integrated with Fellowship One and, with only two lines of code, churches can add various donation and mission funds giving functionality right to their website, blog or Facebook page.

How can the new Fellowship One giving solution powered by Vision2 improve gifting so drastically?

This new tool is mobile-friendly, offers text-to-give options and creates an easy check-out process for both registered and unregistered users. Members can set up reoccurring donations so gifting to the church is no longer a hassle. Churches can set up mission trip funds and allow individual participants to have a collections page so they can share and help contribute to their goal. Some churches may experience up to a 300% increase in giving within their existing congregation according to tests run by Vision2.

However, this enhancement is not just about collecting donations. Our new solution offers enhanced features that reduce administration time by offering new back-end features and automating large portions of the reconciliation process. It also offers reporting that not only measures performance but also helps churches forecast gifts based on past performance.

How can I take advantage of this new solution?

Unlike a lot of our other updates, this enhancement is not automatically added to your account. You must speak with your account manager to get this activated on your account. Click here to sign up and have your account manager reach out to you.

Coming Soon: The New ChMS Check In Solution from Fellowship One

As churches grow, many choose to introduce multiple service times to provide space for new attendees and families to visit and feel comfortable rather than continually trying to expand their buildings. Dozens (or in some cases, hundreds) of parents bring their kids and drop them off in classrooms or children’s church prior to going to the main worship service.

Anyone working in children’s and student ministries knows the top three priorities of check-in:

  • Each child is checked into an age-appropriate classroom
  • Health or custody issues are well understood by staff and volunteers
  • Child pick-up is limited only to authorized adults

We would like to add a fourth priority: In addition to checking in children and families,
Volunteers are checking in to their assigned roles as well.

During this dynamic, 15-20 minute check-in window, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of activity. Volunteers may inadvertently check in more kids than a teacher can handle, compromising care. Or, due to unexpected demand, churches may need to open a new room on the fly, but doing so is cumbersome and opens up the risk that important child information may not transfer. This is a frustrating experience for parents and volunteers, directly impacting the church’s ability to accomplish its mission.

We’re working on four new applications that expand on the traditional check-in system you know and love today.

Fellowship One Teacher

Fellowship one teacherFellowship One Teacher will be the first piece completed within the new check-in solution. This feature will enable volunteers and/or staff to have access to information on their specific room assignments. They can see when children are added to their class before the child gets to the room. They can check kids in and out, see their security codes and important notes like food allergies and any upcoming birthdays. Teachers can filter the rooster to only show kids that are on-site, checked in or checked out order to work quickly and efficiently. Teachers can also add any important notes or comments.

*Image shown is a design in-progress and is subject to change


Fellowship One Coordinator

Fellowship One CoordinatorWe are putting the controls back into the hands of the coordinator. Fellowship One Coordinators will be able to move teachers around based on demand. Rooms will automatically close once they have reached their limits, but coordinators can add more space to a room and reopen it. As an example, maybe the coordinator decides to move a teacher into a grade room that is in high demand and now has an additional 4 spots available. Also, teachers can “raise a hand” and alert coordinators that they need help.

*Image shown is a design in-progress and is subject to change


Self Check-in

This will allow members to use their InFellowship credentials to check-in from their phone or tablet once they come within a certain distance of the church. The self check-in will be very similar to the kiosk check-in. However, there will be a few more options for the user. For example, they can specify permanent or temporary notes. Permanent notes might be a food allergy and a temporary note might be “upset stomach, please don’t feed my baby today.” They can also add profile pictures from their phone. Future functionality will also allow churches to better facilitate communication between the care givers and parents.

Assisted Check-in

Up to now, we have only had kiosk or station check-in. This new update will let mobile volunteers (with an iPad and hip printer) check in visitors wherever they may come into the church.


Coming to iOS

As you may have guessed from the iPad comment under assisted check-in, these new features will be available for apple users. Teacher, Coordinator and Self Check-in will all be responsive which means that everyone can access this new solution on any device they have on hand with the proper credentials.

These features are coming out to our select test group this year, and we are very excited to put these new solutions into your hands. Look forward to spending less time working with software and more time interacting with your congregation. We are excited to release this early 2016.

The Future of Church Analytics

Performance Dashboard and Interactive Reports

Healthy churches grow, and as they grow, it’s becomes harder for leaders and staff to keep up with what’s happening in the church. Key church analytics on giving, attendance and serving are critical to monitoring church health.

Seeing results quickly and easily means that church leaders can make decisions efficiently. It’s also important to see contributing factors and trend changes in order to dig into details so you can take immediate action to correct or enhance the results of your ministry.

In a 2014 survey done at Strata + Hadoop World conference, 84% of business leaders said they need to blend four or more data sources/reports and nearly half reported that they have to blend 8 to 15 sources! Challenges like this lead to delays in decision-making and inhibit your ability to take action.

That’s why we’re working on two solutions that will present key performance indicators to church leaders in areas that truly indicate ministry impact like giving, attendance, baptisms and more. This functionality will be released this year to all premier users.


Dashboard ChMs AnalyticsSenior Pastors are often focused on teaching and casting vision for the church. They frequently rely on others to provide key metrics on performance. In order to do this, church admin must pull various core reports and build a dashboard for the Senior Pastor. Often times, these reports may not dive as deep as the Senior Pastor would like. It can also be a challenge to integrate key ministry performance data together in order to get a holistic view of what’s happening. This can delay decisions by weeks or even months while data is being collected and massaged into usable reports.

The NEW Dashboard will present key metrics in a responsive web format that’s easy to understand and requires no training or report expertise. Data will be complemented with trend charts and contain period comparison views by week, month, quarter or year to assist senior leaders in understanding the broad trends within the key metrics.

Have your own unique key metrics? Not a problem. The Dashboard is customizable based on the information you want to store within your database.

Having the key performance data of your church at your fingertips means that you’ll have the ability to quickly learn and act on the challenges and opportunities that face your ministry.
Interactive Reporting

Today, churches primarily rely on Fellowship One’s complex “Core Reports”. These reports are widely used by Fellowship One experts to answer a variety of questions through a series of filters. Unfortunately, their complexity makes them unsuitable to the typical senior pastor and even many executive pastors.  That’s why we’re inventing a new reporting solution that will give church leaders an easier way to gain insight.

Coming this year, we will activate Interactive Reports focusing on three key areas:

  • Giving
  • Attendance
  • People

This interactive reporting environment will allow users to start with data and then drill into the details that warrant a closer look or apply filters to segment data into sub-groups, like payment type, activities, or age.

Here’s a brief explanation of more features within Interactive Reporting:

  • Rather than starting with a form, you start with data that can be easily modified or filtered.
  • Modify your own filters or bypass filter selection on report entry
  • Modify row and column grouping to fit your reporting needs
  • Save new reports by name after modifying from defaults
  • Instantly make highly formatted, print-ready reports
  • Export precisely what is being viewed on the screen to XLS, XLST, CSV or PDF file
  • Included “Filters Used in Report” section on each view so that the data is easier to interpret and modify as needed
  • Reports will automatically generate, reducing your wait time.

With the NEW Interactive Reporting and legacy Core Reports, it has never been easier to get the meaningful data you need in order to make decisions that create a positive impact in your communities.

What’s Next?

These new enhancements are just the beginning of our reporting platform upgrades. While you’ll be thrilled with the initial additions to our ChMS reporting, you’ll be continuously pleased with the enhancements coming down the pipeline.

Our goal is for you to be able to mine your most important and relevant ministry data in minutes. One of the most important things we can do is help you measure your efforts and make decisions that have a positive impact on your ministry and community.

Fellowship One: Looking to the Future

At ACTIVE Network, we aim high and are constantly looking ahead. Take a look at this short video and you’ll see what we mean.

While our customers anxiously await new enhancements and features, we’ve been investing heavily in building the best technology platform available to churches today. It’s one of the ways we guarantee the world’s highest level of security and reliability to our customers, and it puts Fellowship One in position to support some exciting new developments. And we’ve just ramped up a team of 28 developers and supporting staff (total 54) for implementing the new enhancements, fully 300% more than we’ve ever had!

In the past year, we’ve delivered some exciting features. If you haven’t tried them yet, we encourage you to do so.

  • New and improved activity workflow
  • Easy-to-use F1 Touch app for iPhone
  • Updated Check-in resolution
  • Multiple InFellowship enhancements
  • Responsive design for Small Group attendance, Giving, Registration
  • Registration 2.0 – now in Beta. (To participate, contact your Account Manager.)

In our recent Q2 Product Virtual User Summit (at which 46% of the attendees were in administrative roles and 31% were in financial roles), we asked what challenges the attendees were most focused on. They indicated the following:Product Blog chart 1

The next phase of our product journey addresses these concerns and more. Two key areas we can’t wait to get you’re your hands will provide:

  • New technology that lets Pastors see key ministry results and identify opportunities to enhance or make changes and allow for even greater ministry effectiveness.
  • New tools to help volunteers be more effective as they serve in your ministry and build relationships with each other.

You may have seen our leadership blog announcing three of the top enhancements, but we wanted to take the time to dive a little deeper for our customers.

Our upcoming blog posts will be dedicated to delivering more information on the future innovations coming for Fellowship One churches. We’re inviting you to look ahead with us and see what’s in store as we create new technology that frees you up to do ministry, connect with people, and fulfill your church’s vision.



Roadmap Poll

In the last quarterly review, we referenced the product polls we took in 2013 and again in 2014, in an effort to better understand what our customers value most. The poll doesn’t dictate the roadmap per se, but it’s a valuable reference for us as we build out strategies. Come spend a few minutes with me to review:voting

  • 2013 Poll Results
  • 2014 Poll Results
  • 2014 Product Updates

Continue reading

2014 Dynamic Church Roadshow Recap

Are You Ready To Host A Roadshow in 2015?

Fellowship ​One ​is ​looking ​for ​host ​locations ​across ​the ​United ​States ​and ​Canada ​to ​partner ​with ​in ​2015. ​Hosting ​a ​RoadShow ​is ​easy—you ​provide ​the ​facility ​and ​a ​few ​technical ​needs, ​and ​we’ll ​handle ​all ​the ​planning! There are many benefits to hosting. Learn more by filling out the following form.

Fellowship One Releases, November 2014

Our Fellowship One development team continues to work hard building features and enhancements. Here are a few of the features we released this week that will positively impact your day-to-day.

Give Without an Account

A few weeks back, our team released the option to give online without having to create an InFellowship account. This was a big win for many churches because it allowed you to receive funds and donations from people who were not members of your church.

With this release, Fellowship One will now cross referenced the  first name, last name, and email address with existing records to see if there is a unique match. The only requirements is that they must be unique to the system.
To learn more on how to use this feature visit the support article from our help center.


InFellowship Login with Telephone Number

InFellowship now allows login using a mobile number in place of the username. If a cell phone number is unique to the individual (meaning it’s not on another individual’s record),  it can be used in place of an email address to login to InFellowship. If the number is on more than one record it will result in an error.

This is helpful for anyone who has difficulty remembering the email address (many of us have multiple email addresses) used when creating an InFellowship account. Phone-1

Groups Span of Care Attendance

We’ve expand the ability to take group attendance to Span-of-Care owners within InFellowship. The Span-of-Care role is designed to allow leaders in the church to care for multiple group leaders. This is one more way that they can access and facilitate those groups.

Responsive Design for InFellowship Attendance History

When Group Leaders or Span-of-Care owners access InFellowship to see real time stats on groups and attendees they can now do it from their mobile device.

We will continue working through all of InFellowship to add responsive design that enhances members experience when they use any mobile device

.Attendance-4   Attendance-3   Attendance-2

Automating Your Pledge Drives

Free Up Valuable Resources by Automating Your Pledge Drives

With the holidays fast approaching, this is where we begin to see a ramp-up in the number of pledge drives created. You are probably thinking of making a pledge drive (or may have made one already!). We all know that manually entering and managing numerous contributions to various pledge drives can take up a lot of time, as well as resources. In today’s world, we are always looking to make things faster and easier. Your church should be no exception.
We wanted to bring to your attention that fact that you can automate your pledge drives in Fellowship One!
This means that you will no longer have to manually enter in contributions. You can now let the software automatically attribute contributions to the right pledge drives.
What does this mean for you?
Well, this will now free up your time, as well as your colleagues’ time to focus on other Church initiatives. You can even decide to devote more time to plan and promote your pledge drive, rather than having to worry about the administration aspect. With more time put towards promotion, there is a chance that your pledge drive will attract more donors in this way. As we mentioned, the holidays are a busy time for your church, so extra resources to focus on other things is a big bonus.
You can read all about your pledge drive automation options in this Help article.
So, we hope that with your newfound free time, you are able to enjoy this period leading up to the holiday season!