Fellowship One: Looking to the Future

At ACTIVE Network, we aim high and are constantly looking ahead. Take a look at this short video and you’ll see what we mean.

While our customers anxiously await new enhancements and features, we’ve been investing heavily in building the best technology platform available to churches today. It’s one of the ways we guarantee the world’s highest level of security and reliability to our customers, and it puts Fellowship One in position to support some exciting new developments. And we’ve just ramped up a team of 28 developers and supporting staff (total 54) for implementing the new enhancements, fully 300% more than we’ve ever had!

In the past year, we’ve delivered some exciting features. If you haven’t tried them yet, we encourage you to do so.

  • New and improved activity workflow
  • Easy-to-use F1 Touch app for iPhone
  • Updated Check-in resolution
  • Multiple InFellowship enhancements
  • Responsive design for Small Group attendance, Giving, Registration
  • Registration 2.0 – now in Beta. (To participate, contact your Account Manager.)

In our recent Q2 Product Virtual User Summit (at which 46% of the attendees were in administrative roles and 31% were in financial roles), we asked what challenges the attendees were most focused on. They indicated the following:Product Blog chart 1

The next phase of our product journey addresses these concerns and more. Two key areas we can’t wait to get you’re your hands will provide:

  • New technology that lets Pastors see key ministry results and identify opportunities to enhance or make changes and allow for even greater ministry effectiveness.
  • New tools to help volunteers be more effective as they serve in your ministry and build relationships with each other.

You may have seen our leadership blog announcing three of the top enhancements, but we wanted to take the time to dive a little deeper for our customers.

Our upcoming blog posts will be dedicated to delivering more information on the future innovations coming for Fellowship One churches. We’re inviting you to look ahead with us and see what’s in store as we create new technology that frees you up to do ministry, connect with people, and fulfill your church’s vision.



Roadmap Poll

In the last quarterly review, we referenced the product polls we took in 2013 and again in 2014, in an effort to better understand what our customers value most. The poll doesn’t dictate the roadmap per se, but it’s a valuable reference for us as we build out strategies. Come spend a few minutes with me to review:voting

  • 2013 Poll Results
  • 2014 Poll Results
  • 2014 Product Updates

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2014 Dynamic Church Roadshow Recap

Are You Ready To Host A Roadshow in 2015?

Fellowship ​One ​is ​looking ​for ​host ​locations ​across ​the ​United ​States ​and ​Canada ​to ​partner ​with ​in ​2015. ​Hosting ​a ​RoadShow ​is ​easy—you ​provide ​the ​facility ​and ​a ​few ​technical ​needs, ​and ​we’ll ​handle ​all ​the ​planning! There are many benefits to hosting. Learn more by filling out the following form.

Fellowship One Releases, November 2014

Our Fellowship One development team continues to work hard building features and enhancements. Here are a few of the features we released this week that will positively impact your day-to-day.

Give Without an Account

A few weeks back, our team released the option to give online without having to create an InFellowship account. This was a big win for many churches because it allowed you to receive funds and donations from people who were not members of your church.

With this release, Fellowship One will now cross referenced the  first name, last name, and email address with existing records to see if there is a unique match. The only requirements is that they must be unique to the system.
To learn more on how to use this feature visit the support article from our help center.


InFellowship Login with Telephone Number

InFellowship now allows login using a mobile number in place of the username. If a cell phone number is unique to the individual (meaning it’s not on another individual’s record),  it can be used in place of an email address to login to InFellowship. If the number is on more than one record it will result in an error.

This is helpful for anyone who has difficulty remembering the email address (many of us have multiple email addresses) used when creating an InFellowship account. Phone-1

Groups Span of Care Attendance

We’ve expand the ability to take group attendance to Span-of-Care owners within InFellowship. The Span-of-Care role is designed to allow leaders in the church to care for multiple group leaders. This is one more way that they can access and facilitate those groups.

Responsive Design for InFellowship Attendance History

When Group Leaders or Span-of-Care owners access InFellowship to see real time stats on groups and attendees they can now do it from their mobile device.

We will continue working through all of InFellowship to add responsive design that enhances members experience when they use any mobile device

.Attendance-4   Attendance-3   Attendance-2

Automating Your Pledge Drives

Free Up Valuable Resources by Automating Your Pledge Drives

With the holidays fast approaching, this is where we begin to see a ramp-up in the number of pledge drives created. You are probably thinking of making a pledge drive (or may have made one already!). We all know that manually entering and managing numerous contributions to various pledge drives can take up a lot of time, as well as resources. In today’s world, we are always looking to make things faster and easier. Your church should be no exception.
We wanted to bring to your attention that fact that you can automate your pledge drives in Fellowship One!
This means that you will no longer have to manually enter in contributions. You can now let the software automatically attribute contributions to the right pledge drives.
What does this mean for you?
Well, this will now free up your time, as well as your colleagues’ time to focus on other Church initiatives. You can even decide to devote more time to plan and promote your pledge drive, rather than having to worry about the administration aspect. With more time put towards promotion, there is a chance that your pledge drive will attract more donors in this way. As we mentioned, the holidays are a busy time for your church, so extra resources to focus on other things is a big bonus.
You can read all about your pledge drive automation options in this Help article.
So, we hope that with your newfound free time, you are able to enjoy this period leading up to the holiday season!

More Mass Action for Assignments

One of the great features of Fellowship One is the ability to perform a mass action. This could range from sending a communication to hundreds of your members or updating the records of many with a single click.

By popular request, we have added two additional mass action features to the Assignments list. This is the ability to delete and email members directly from the assignments overview page (Ministry>Assignments>View All). Continue reading «More Mass Action for Assignments»

Don’t Let Velocity Settings Stop December Donors

While it may not feel like Christmas just yet, it’s most definitely time to start thinking about the giving season! Especially as it relates to year end contributors and your payment processing capabilities. That’s why every year around this time, we like to remind our churches to take a look at their velocity settings and make sure they are setup to receive the year-end donations that will undoubtedly be coming your way.

Keep reading to make sure you’re in the clear.

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Online Giving without an Account

UPDATED 9/23/14:

Providing the convenience of online giving options and encouraging people to eventually schedule recurring giving is a key part of a successful giving strategy. That’s why we’re so excited about a new feature we’ll be releasing soon.

Starting September 16th, churches can enable “give without account” as part of the InFellowship Features menu for Online Giving! We believe this feature will eliminate one of the primary barriers that stops a donor from giving online. Continue reading «Online Giving without an Account»