Seeking the Best Church Management Software? 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Trophy compressedOf course, we think we offer the best church software—all the companies in this industry do. But that doesn’t mean there’s one super “best” solution that’s truly the best for every church. Ultimately, each church has to engage in some software-sleuthing to find the one that’s best for them.

We feel a great deal of sympathy for churches trying to solve the significant challenges they face, including the dilemma of finding the best church database software, so we’ve rounded up 3 guidelines that could help you find YOUR “best” church software (even if it’s not Fellowship One): Continue reading «Seeking the Best Church Management Software? 3 Things to Keep in Mind»

The Age of Google: Pastor Brady Boyd on Technology

Technology has transformed our lives, but most of us can see that the transformation hasn’t been all good. That leads church leaders to ponder what the church’s relationship to technology should be.

brady boyd quote We spoke with Pastor Brady Boyd to see how he feels about and uses technology in ministry. (View the video interview instead).

On reaching a younger generation: A Norman Rockwell painting of our time would show everyone texting on their phones and to-go boxes in the living room. You see kids with their heads down on their phones. It’s hard to connect with the younger generations, the older you get. We have to embrace what they embrace—the digital hand-held world. You have to purposely stay young or you’ll become old without trying. Learn to connect with them. They’ll text ‘til their thumbs bleed. Learn to text! Continue reading «The Age of Google: Pastor Brady Boyd on Technology»

Mercury Flight: Better Communications = A Better Community

[Guest post by Sage Harrison, SMO at Mercury Flight, cloud-based software that allows churches to broadcast messages via phone, email or text.]

At Mercury Flight, we know the importance of finding engaging and successful ways to communicate with your community. With Mercury Flight, you can easily broadcast a message to your entire congregation, a specific group, or even just a single person, choosing from multiple formats. Our analytics show you which methods work best with which groups.mercury flight logo Continue reading «Mercury Flight: Better Communications = A Better Community»

Lawyers, Guns and Money: A Conversation for Churches and Non-Profits

$10If you’re familiar with the phrase “Lawyers, Guns and Money,” you might be showing your age. It’s a throwback to 1978, and singer Warren Zevon’s song of the same title, in which an “innocent bystander” is desperately hiding out in Honduras, asking his dad to send “lawyers, guns, and money.”

This post is more about avoiding desperate situations.

It’s always best to have important conversations before the point of desperation. If you’re a Senior or Executive pastor, nonprofit director, business administrator or accountant, you could benefit from the…

2nd Annual

Lawyers, Guns & Money Conference

Compass Center @ Compass Christian Church

Colleyville, Texas

May 12, 2015

This FREE conference will focus on legal, accounting and security issues churches and nonprofits face in their daily operations.

For more information please contact Alicia Baker at the Church Law Group,, or visit to register and reserve your seat.


The Church Law Group, based in Grapevine, Texas, is a practice area of Anthony & Middlebrook, P.C. that focuses on the specific legal needs of churches, ministries, faith-based organizations, and clergy throughout the United States. 

PSK, based in Arlington, Texas, provides accounting, tax, and business consulting services to clients both nationally and locally.

Gatekeepers and the associated National Organization for Church Security and Safety Management, Inc. (NOCSSM™) have helped thousands of churches throughout America with security and safety issues and put hundreds of armed Gatekeepers in churches across Texas.


Speakers from each organization will cover a variety of hot topics in their fields.  We encourage you to attend this informative event and bring your questions to ask the experts!

Fellowship One and these three organizations are part of the Partners in Church Consulting Network, dedicated to serving the church and non-profits from a professional and faith-based perspective.





Beyond Google’s Mobilegeddon: 6 Reasons to be a Mobile-Friendly Church

Don’t panic, but did you know today is Google’s “Mobilegeddon Phonepocalypse”?

Hopefully, this is not the first time you’ve heard that today, April 21, 2015, mobile-enabled sites everywhere will begin ranking higher in Google than those that are not. If it is, or if you’re not ready, we’re not saying you’re this far behind:tin can phone

but you’ve got some catching up to do. Continue reading «Beyond Google’s Mobilegeddon: 6 Reasons to be a Mobile-Friendly Church»

4 Quick Questions That Could Increase Your Summer Church Donations

Are you already planning your summer vacation? You can bet your members are, too, and you know how that impacts your summer church donations.aquariumIn our 10 years of experience serving churches, we’ve seen giving contributions drop as much as 15% during the summer months. 
It doesn’t have to be that way!

Continue reading «4 Quick Questions That Could Increase Your Summer Church Donations»

What Would Your Church Do with a Gift of $10 Million?

gift of moneyIf you read our last blog containing church management “math hacks,” you may already be aware that large, unexpected gifts should be kept separate from your general budget. But that doesn’t mean they don’t require intentional thought.

Everyone dreams of that ridiculously large gift that comes out of nowhere, the one that allows all their ministry dreams to materialize. Continue reading «What Would Your Church Do with a Gift of Million?»

5 Church Management “Math Hacks” You Should Consider

S While we do consider ourselves to be knowledgable about church management, we’re the first to admit that we have some very clever church partners. We learn from them all time! We’re also continually analyzing our aggregate data for patterns and ideas that even we can’t see with the naked eye. Continue reading «5 Church Management “Math Hacks” You Should Consider»