Want Free Stuff for Your Church Events?

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Church event organizers are always looking for inexpensive items to include in giveaways, whether it’s a thank you gift to new visitors at the Welcome booth, door prizes and snacks at youth events, or goody bags at womens’ retreats.

We’re excited to introduce our ACTIVE Rewards program to assist with this ongoing need. Continue reading «Want Free Stuff for Your Church Events?»

Executive Pastors: 4 Ways Jesus Did More with Less

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As executive pastor of your church, you’re a person who knows how to get things done. You’re detail-oriented and task-driven, but you also know how to motivate people and measure results.

Because of your diverse strengths, you wear a lot of hats. Your roles may range from managing staff and overseeing building operations to ministering to pastors and handling requests from needy neighbors to executing longterm strategies. Continue reading «Executive Pastors: 4 Ways Jesus Did More with Less»

The Missing Milestone: Millennials & Marriage [Infographic]

This is the final segment of our millennial series. (See Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.)

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Millennial data pinpoints to marriage as a critical juncture of adulthood that, like many other aspects of maturity, is being postponed.

In the context of millennials and the church, marriage is unique in the set of adult markers (that traditionally include college, career, church membership and child-rearing) in that it reflects both cause and effect. The millennial zeitgeist often delays marriage for a variety of reasons, which then detours young people onto non-traditional paths, which then create additional barriers to connection with a church.

Let’s look at some of the data:

Continue reading «The Missing Milestone: Millennials & Marriage [Infographic]»

The Heart of the Millennial Issue

millennials handsThis is the third segment in our Millennials series. (See Part 1 and Part 2)

“Millennials and the Church” research reveals a lot of interesting and conflicting ideas, but what do millennials themselves–and the pastors of dynamic churches that are actually reaching them–have to say? These 7 voices reflect variations on a theme: Continue reading «The Heart of the Millennial Issue»

4 Shifts the Church Needs to Engage Millennials


We’re talking about engaging millennials this month. (If you missed the first article in the series, go here.)


As we unpack the factors that are involved in this unique phenomenon of millennial flight from the church, some leaders (often parents of millennials themselves) are filled with self-blame, regret and guilt. After all, Baby Boomers started the rebellion that led to the coining of the phrase “generation gap.” And as is true with all regress, given an inch, most people will take at least a mile. Millennials may have blown that truism out of the water! Continue reading «4 Shifts the Church Needs to Engage Millennials»

4 Tips for Sane and Strategic Church Event Planning

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From ancient festivals to Vacation Bible Schools, events have always been touchstones for thriving faith communities. Events bring people together for fun and fellowship. They celebrate values and attract newcomers. But they also can be a lot of work!

As the fall and winter holiday seasons approach, you’re most likely firing up your event engines. How can you make sure an event inspires your attendees without exhausting your resources? How do you mobilize volunteers in ways that build them up instead of wearing them out? Continue reading «4 Tips for Sane and Strategic Church Event Planning»

Understanding Unchurched Millennials

Barna quote 2We’re hearing more and more from our church partners that a major concern they have is how to engage millennials. This is a unique time in the church’s history and, with 43% of adults in America being “churchless” (Barna Group), it’s easy to be alarmed about the state of the church and its possible future, not to mention a growing segment of the population.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be exploring this topic, both here on the blog and through new resources we’re working on. Continue reading «Understanding Unchurched Millennials»

Encouragement for Church Financial Directors

managing church financesAs director of finances at your church, you face significant challenges. While other ministers are busy with people and programming, you often become the primary (if not, solitary) checkpoint for responsible stewardship and record-keeping. In fact, you may feel personally responsible for your church’s operational excellence and financial health.

That’s a heavy load — one that can become overwhelming when the economy weakens and membership fluctuates.

You don’t have to bear the burden alone. Continue reading «Encouragement for Church Financial Directors»

Is Your Definition of “Church Budget” Sabotaging Your Vision?

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With the help of our friends at PSK, CPA, an accounting firm that specializes in churches, we’re talking about church budgets this month.

Get free church budgeting advice from PSK.

Most projects can benefit by starting with definitions, to make sure everyone is on the same page. Continue reading «Is Your Definition of “Church Budget” Sabotaging Your Vision?»

Church Budget Advice From 4 Experts

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Church budget season is upon us. Whether you’re about to hash out your 2016 budget,  still in data-gathering mode, or wondering where in the world to start, we’ve pulled together four resources that can help. Continue reading «Church Budget Advice From 4 Experts»