Countdown to Easter: Do the Math

Most churches have been feverishly preparing for Easter for weeks and months. In the final countdown, plastic eggs are being stuffed, logistics are being finalized, the stage is being set to impact lives with the Greatest Story Ever Told.

Here at Fellowship One, you might have noticed that we’ve been focusing quite a bit on the visitor aspect of Easter. It’s because the numbers from last year tell a pretty compelling story as well:
2014 Easter Numbers Infographic
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How Starbucks has Changed the Church Coffee Hour


Back before Starbucks, lattes and cafés, all anyone needed to stay happy was a cup of whatever coffee was dumped into the machine and a splash of half and half. Over the past few decades, coffee has become not just a drink, but an experience. People enjoy the atmosphere, the camaraderie and the ambiance a coffee shop brings. Continue reading «How Starbucks has Changed the Church Coffee Hour»

ACTIVEkids Joins our One-Stop Destination Line-up

ACTIVEkids_Octopus_A_Icon_4C_PurpleFellowship One is part of the ACTIVE Network, a global organization that specializes in online registration software for many types of markets. We typically share information here related just to churches, but I’m excited to tell you about something church members might be interested in for their other pursuits. Continue reading «ACTIVEkids Joins our One-Stop Destination Line-up»

Most Church Members Aren’t Friendly

Most church members aren't friendly

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The Lent and Easter season brings new faces to church for so many different reasons. Some are there to refocus, some are new to faith, some show up for a feeling of obligation. No matter the reason, these faces are entering into your home, and hospitality is every member’s responsibility.

The problem is not that church members aren’t friendly. They ARE, in fact, quite friendly.

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3 Ways to Join the Easter Visitor Follow-up Conversation

Judging by the incredible response we had to our recent Easter Visitor Follow-up webinar, it’s clear that many churches are realizing the great opportunity—and responsibility—that goes along with the enormous wave of new faces Easter brings to churches.

More than 600 people took part in the conversation, looking for learnings they could incorporate now to do a better job of engaging their church’s visitors on Easter weekend. Why? In hopes of making real connections that change lives. We all know we have to do a better job of this. Continue reading «3 Ways to Join the Easter Visitor Follow-up Conversation»

5 Things You Need to Know to Prepare for Easter Visitors Now

Did you know that, according to Google Trends, more Americans search online for the word “church” around Easter than at any other time of the year? You’ve probably noticed a higher visitor volume on Easter, but our data suggests that Easter is bigger than you may have realized. Let’s take a peek at the data:lightstock_75008_max_active-creative

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How a Church Became a Community Hub During a Disaster


Michael Elsdon, Community Life Pastor at the Okotoks Evangelical Free Church in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, was just learning the church’s new church management software, Fellowship One, when the region’s worst natural disaster—a massive flash flood—buried several towns in water.

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What Churches Can Learn from the “Top 100″

Outreach 2014 100At ACTIVE Network Fellowship One, we’re not fans of a one-size-fits-all blueprint for church org structures, or cookie-cutter replication of churches. We believe each church has its own calling, its unique community demographic, its distinctive DNA. HOWEVER…we also believe that:

  • Churches can learn a lot from each other
  • Sharing what works and what doesn’t can trigger creative thinking
  • The vetting process for tools and new ideas can be time-consuming and costly

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‘Tis the Season for Giving Statements

Everybody’s busy closing the books on 2014.

For churches that means preparing and sending annual giving statements. If you’re still sending statements through the mail (and especially if you’re sending more than one per year), you should consider this. We encourage you to do the math for your own church this year. Continue reading «‘Tis the Season for Giving Statements»