Church Budget Advice From 4 Experts

What makes a good church budget compressed

Church budget season is upon us. Whether you’re about to hash out your 2016 budget,  still in data-gathering mode, or wondering where in the world to start, we’ve pulled together four resources that can help. Continue reading «Church Budget Advice From 4 Experts»

5 Ways to Get Ready for Back to School

Back to School slide

Even if the weather is still blazing hot, back-to-school season brings a fresh breeze of excitement and chatter to your hallways. With the new school year comes the hustle and bustle of new activities within your church. We have a few ideas for ways you can use your church management software (ChMS) to prepare for a fantastic fall:

  • Streamline Promotion Sunday
  • New Group Types
  • Use your ChMS congregational portal for Groups
  • Promote outreach events
  • Host a Volunteer Drive

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MortarStone: Kingdom Funding Made Easy

Imortar stone logon our last webinar, the IT Director from a 7-campus church referred to a third-party tool the church was using as part of their capital campaign strategy. MortarStone’s unique platform had helped them determine the surprising amount they could reasonably raise.

We developed our API to enable third-party tools to integrate with Fellowship One. MortarStone is one such tool.  Continue reading «MortarStone: Kingdom Funding Made Easy»

The Top 3 Things Every Church Should Measure

HOW [and what] do you MEASURE

We’ve been talking about the power of church metrics for a few weeks now. The questions we received at our recent webinar show me that there’s a lot of interest in the topic, but a whopping 78% of our attendees classified themselves as either new or fairly new to the journey.

One topic that came up at the webinar was something called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These are custom baselines which successful organizations establish to measure themselves against. Don’t worry; this is not as unfamiliar as it may sound. Continue reading «The Top 3 Things Every Church Should Measure»

9+ Reasons to Join the New F1 Leadership Blog Roundup

Gina 3Hi! My name is Gina Calvert. I’m the Senior Content Writer at Fellowship One and I’ve been blogging here for almost four years.

church family

1995: My family on our first day at an Austin church

As a minister’s wife, I’m familiar with the world of church leadership. As a writer at a software company, I get a firsthand look at how technology helps churches achieve their mission of impacting communities and offering exceptional member care. I also get to hear a lot of great ideas from our church partners. These experiences permeate my writing and the topics I choose to write about.

I want to bring you the most relevant insights I can, and I want them to be truly helpful and never annoying. So, I’m trying something new here at the F1 Leadership blog. Continue reading «9+ Reasons to Join the New F1 Leadership Blog Roundup»

Megachurch Leaders on Growth

blue stage church

The introduction of the Megachurch—large churches with congregations in the thousands—has sparked the question for many faith communities, “How do we grow and expand?” These megachurches tend to grow to their great size within a very short period of time, usually less than ten years. Continue reading «Megachurch Leaders on Growth»

Back up Your “Gut” at the Next Church Budget Meeting

Data knows

It’s summer and your annual budget meeting is still a few weeks away. Most likely, you’re already collecting information and getting your budget proposal ready.

Will you make budget decisions based on 1) What your gut tells you your church needs 2) On what’s trendy or 3) On actual data?

And then, how will you make your case for the budget expenditures you need to carry out your mission?

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Sneak Peek: Fellowship One Software Enhancements on the Way!

new with F1Our development team has been hard at work building momentum toward the launch of the latest enhancements to Fellowship One church management software. We can’t wait to unveil these in the coming months.

Drumroll, please! Continue reading «Sneak Peek: Fellowship One Software Enhancements on the Way!»

What a 90-Day Tithing Challenge Taught One Church about Metrics

Nikelle Druck_HeadShotTo tell this story, I need to introduce you to Nikelle Druck.

She is currently serving as IT Director at Lives Changed By Christ (LCBC), a 13,000-member, 7-campus church located in southeast Pennsylvania, where she helps executives make informed ministry decisions by providing meaningful and actionable data analysis.

A Penn State grad and Information Technology Professional, Nikelle has 15 years of consulting experience managing IT projects in a variety of government and educational roles. Suffice it to say, Nikelle knows data. She is passionate about the very real need to understand the health and effectiveness of the church and loves to share how data can deliver that understanding.

A Bold Idea

In September 2014, LCBC announced a 90-day tithing challenge for the first time. Continue reading «What a 90-Day Tithing Challenge Taught One Church about Metrics»