Fellowship One and the IT Director

Remember the Maytag repairman? Maytags were built so well, he didn’t have much to do and suffered from extreme loneliness. That’s who I think about when I share all the ways Fellowship One church management software helps different staff members, and then come to the IT department. For the IT director, the best we can say it, “you don’t have to worry about our software!”

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Making the Most of Your Members’ Generosity

Ministry giving banner.compressedThe Right Tools Matter

Did you know that duct tape has a million great uses…everything from making wallets to prom dresses, but, strangely, not for taping ducts. “According to the research, over a long-term period of time, duct tape ‘failed reliably and often quite catastrophically'” at sealing and repairing HVAC ducts.*

At one time or another, most of us learned that not all tools do what they claim to do, and having the right tool makes all the difference. Continue reading «Making the Most of Your Members’ Generosity»

How to Distribute Crowds Across Multiple Services at High-Volume Events

people at church

Every year, in the few weeks prior to Easter, the church I attend starts asking all the regular attendees in the Sunday morning late service to consider attending one of the other services on Easter. They need to make room for the additional visitors they expect at the most popular service time on the most highly-attended weekend of the year.

I don’t know how much compliance they get, but I do know that those concerned with the issue ultimately have to adopt a wait-and-see attitude, preparing for overflow as best they can. Continue reading «How to Distribute Crowds Across Multiple Services at High-Volume Events»

4 People You Haven’t Thought of as Super-Greeters [Free Downloads]

friendly greeterRemember the greeters of yesteryear who welcomed even children to church services? The preacher might have delivered a kiss on the cheek, and it wasn’t uncommon for an elderly woman to offer a white-gloved hand and a piece of hard candy.

While neither of these responses would be appropriate today, a church’s welcome has a memorable quality, often either lauded or criticized by visitors. It’s difficult to consistently do a good job because attendees have such a broad range of preferences. And the challenge is increased with the extra visitors a major church event draws. Continue reading «4 People You Haven’t Thought of as Super-Greeters [Free Downloads]»

Church Administrators…or “Keepers of the Names”?

smiling teenagers.compressedA few years ago, Joe Champion of Celebration Church in Austin encouraged those who were attending our user conference with a lofty calling: Keepers of the Names. We love that!

We usually call it administration. That’s what the Bible calls it, too–and it’s no small thing.The Apostle Paul reminds us that administration is a spiritual gift. Continue reading «Church Administrators…or “Keepers of the Names”?»

Church Data Reporting without a Data Degree? Yes, Please!

frustrated by data reporting

Our Core Reports is the most complete reporting solution in the ChMS industry. In fact, one of the primary goals in creating Fellowship One church software was to put—for the first time ever–real data in the hands of ministry leaders for the purpose of better member care and visionary church growth.

Many churches love it, but it’s SO robust that some people find it overwhelming! And you definitely couldn’t carry it around in your pocket. Up ’til now, that is. Continue reading «Church Data Reporting without a Data Degree? Yes, Please!»

6 Things This Mom Looks for in a Children’s Ministry

kidsAfter prominent Christian researcher George Barna spent three years studying ministry to children, his findings “revolutionized” his view of ministry. “I have concluded that children are the single most important population group for the Church to focus upon,” he said.

Barna found, for example, that most people’s spiritual beliefs “are irrevocably formed when they are pre-teens.” In addition, a person’s moral foundation is generally laid by the age of nine. Continue reading «6 Things This Mom Looks for in a Children’s Ministry»

Have No Fear: Fellowship One Teacher is Here

What’s your nickname for the craziness commonly known as Sunday School?

With our long-awaited new feature, Fellowship One Teacher, you’ll soon be calling Sunday School management “a piece of cake,” like this “seasoned” crew of kids’ ministry leaders:

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Want Free Stuff for Your Church Events?

active REWARDS
Church event organizers are always looking for inexpensive items to include in giveaways, whether it’s a thank you gift to new visitors at the Welcome booth, door prizes and snacks at youth events, or goody bags at womens’ retreats.

We’re excited to introduce our ACTIVE Rewards program to assist with this ongoing need. Continue reading «Want Free Stuff for Your Church Events?»

Executive Pastors: 4 Ways Jesus Did More with Less

Super Hero Executive Pastor

As executive pastor of your church, you’re a person who knows how to get things done. You’re detail-oriented and task-driven, but you also know how to motivate people and measure results.

Because of your diverse strengths, you wear a lot of hats. Your roles may range from managing staff and overseeing building operations to ministering to pastors and handling requests from needy neighbors to executing longterm strategies. Continue reading «Executive Pastors: 4 Ways Jesus Did More with Less»