Year-End Donor Messaging for Baby Boomers

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Boomers and TechnologyThere was a time when a sermon on giving and the passing of the plate were all the “donor messaging” a church needed. However, generational, economic, spiritual, and social climates continually shift. With a national tithing rate of 2.5%, ministry leaders must use a more comprehensive approach to facilitate the simple biblical principal that members fund the church through tithes and offerings.

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10 Ways Volunteers Spell A-P-P-R-E-C-I-A-T-E

lightstock_75008_max_active-creativeNovember and December are busy months for not only the church, but also the individuals who normally serve as volunteers. Just as you’re needing more help than ever, it can be more challenging to get even your regulars to step up.

These tips aren’t just for the holidays. They’re the foundation you lay for seamless volunteer coverage year-round. However, we think you can use them now to help you define your immediate needs, craft your recruiting messages to get results, and ponder better ways to show your gratitude.

We know you appreciate your volunteers, but…

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Gateway Church: In Search of Church Health

small group holding handsWhat is a healthy church?

There are probably as many answers to that question as there are people who ponder the question. It’s something the original creators of Fellowship One considered as they dreamed of the role technology could play in helping churches be healthy and dynamic.

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[Video] Fellowship One: Ministry Nuts and Bolts for New Life Church

Last week, Fellowship One representatives attended the New Life Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We had a great time and were proud to be prominently featured in the church’s popular session, Nuts and Bolts of Ministry.

New Life Church has been a longtime Fellowship One user. In this session, various New Life staff discussed the importance of creating a seamless experience from parking lot to pew, and how they go about creating healthy culture. They shared how Fellowship One Check-in and Reporting are critical to their processes in the areas of Life Safety, Hospitality, Pastoral Care, and Member/Guest Relations.

If you missed the conference, you can still hear what Senior Pastor Brady Boyd had to say about Fellowship One church management software in this 47-second video:Brady Boyd video

If you’re struggling with the nuts and bolts of ministry, Fellowship One could be the answer your church is looking for.

Your Turn: What’s your biggest ministry management dilemma?

WFX & Goff: Get Excited, Relax, Meet our Partner

GoffWFX is coming to Dallas soon! (October 1-2; it’s not too late to register.)

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By Popular Demand: Online Giving Without Account

You asked. We listened. Here it is.Giving

Providing the convenience of online giving options and encouraging people to grow in their stewardship by giving regularly are key parts of a successful giving strategy. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the option to give online without first creating an account!

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2014 Symbols of 9/11/2001

9.11As I listen to the live feed of the reading of the names of 9/11 victims this morning, I’m hyper-aware of symbols I’ve already seen today that brought back with crystal clarity the tragic morning that changed the way we viewed our life and homeland:

  • A large USA flag at half-mast
  • Facebook posts with poignant images
  • A plane flying past a tall building

I remember the hope that many found in the image of an “accidental” cross in the midst of the World Trade Center wreckage. Those who look always find reminders of God’s presence hovering near chaos and destruction.

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