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Year-End Donor Messaging for Millennial Giving

Millennials. Gen Y. Second Boomers: The generation currently taking the world by storm is the same size as the Baby Boomer generation and twice the size of Gen X. Now in their teens and 20s, they are tech-savvy, well-informed, and results-driven, and will achieve a spending power of an estimated $2.45 trillion by 2015.

They crave community, recognition, and efficiency, and are highly influenced by peers (and vice versa). They seek truth (as defined by their peer group), so any perception of untruth drives them not just away, but to social media channels to tell about it. In everything they do, they are most concerned about “the experience.”

Recommendation for the Millennial Generation:

Given the potentially lower socio-economic status of younger Millennials, you must remove all barriers to giving! If you want to motivate Millennial giving, get input from a Millennial on your staff about your website and make sure your online giving process is seamless.

Gen Y’ers do not carry cash or checks, so if you don’t offer digital giving, this group most likely will not give. [Tweet that!]

Text-giving and links to donate directly from the church’s social media sites, emails, and registration sites will encourage them to take action in the moment.

Like Gen X, Millennial giving doesn’t happen out of sense of obligation but rather to support causes or help with needs that touch them. So, tell stories or give specific statistics that show the church’s mission to impact lives, the community or the globe—and, again, give them an opportunity to participate on the spot by including a text-to-give or online giving link.

Also consider personal communication (email, text, or letter) to show gratitude to first-time digital givers in this age group (technology can automate this extra touch). Some pastors make a phone call or send a personal note to thank first-time digital donors—and all generations appreciate this! According to the mail study referenced below, Gen Y does interact well with mail.

Next up: Why understanding the generations matters and a quick look at Gen Z. Plus: Want this blog series content in one place? You’ll be able to download our whitepaper:

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