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Year-End Donor Messaging for Generation X

Individuals born between 1965-1979 are considered Gen X. In 2014, they are somewhere 35-49 years old.

Do you know what motivates a Gen-X to give? To understand that, you would need to know that Gen X-ers are a complex group of cohorts.

This group values global causes, freedom, and loyalty to a brand. They are self-reliant, goal-oriented, and less likely to follow traditional paths to success.

Likely to have divorced parents, they tend toward cynicism and distrust. They came from affluence, are well-educated, risk-averse, and desire “the good things in life” above all else, including career.

Today, Gen X’ers are in midlife with established families, the peak years of product and service usage.

Recommendation for Gen X Messaging:
Want to  appeal to Gen X-ers’ philanthropic spirit without activating their natural distrust of traditional organizations? Ask them to support specific ministries and causes.

Any giving message that feels like pressure will turn this group off, so make sure you’re inviting them to share your mission, rather than asking them to pay the bills. [Tweet that]

(This is good advice for all the generations!)

Gen X-ers like to feel appreciated for donations, and future donations can be affected by their perception of “the church’s” gratitude. They will appreciate being informed about how their generosity is tied to community impact, how many have been brought to Christ, or how a particular individual or family was helped.

As you can see by the chart above, Gen X is very technologically savvy. Most of them prefer digital giving and messaging.

What Next? We still have the Silent Generation, Millenials and Gen Z to cover in December. Comment below or vote at our Facebook page or Tweet using #GenGapGiving to let us know who to feature next week.

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