Why We’re Opposed to FUD…and What We’re Doing About It

In the marketing world, FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. It’s a common sales technique. More than enough uncertainty already exists with respect to understanding software itself. With an Enterprise-level software like Fellowship One, it’s difficult for church management software shoppers to avoid fear and doubt, too.

This is one reason we’ve structured our Implementation and Education Teams so prominently alongside our product.We’ve always been intent on a partnership with our churches, not just a sale. Our very existence is about improving church management,  and that starts with keeping the church management software decision as uncomplicated as it can be.

We saw this FUD dynamic at work a while back when a competitor of ours circulated a paper about why 5 specific churches had left Fellowship One in favor of the competitor’s product. It was an interesting study on the way FUD works. It contained:

  • Things that used to be true in the early days before our current technology was even created—but which we no longer use
  • Things that aren’t even possible in the realm of software
  • Things that are blatantly untrue
  • Things that are half-true, but, without context, spun toward a negative light. (We get it. They have a product to sell and this, as we said, is a common sales technique.)

To do our part to stamp out ChMS FUD, we created our No Surprises Series. It consists of 4 checklists that show you how to discover the truth on major ChMS functions on your own. The No Surprises Series doesn’t spin facts about what we or our competitors do, it gives you the questions you need to ask to get to the truth for yourself. If you ask these same questions of every church management software vendor you’re considering, patterns will begin emerge. You’ll be able to compare those proverbial apples to apples.


Things will get a little simpler.

Start with our Reporting Checklist. In just 11 questions, you’ll discover:

  • Which term definitions you and the vendor MUST reach agreement on
  • How to manage expectations on the unavoidable Functionality vs. Ease of Use spectrum of ALL software products
  • How to avoid hidden surprises in functionality, pricing, level of support and more

Of course, we’re hoping you’ll also ask these questions of us. To start asking questions, email us at Faith@ACTIVEnetwork.com.

What questions do you have about Church Management Software?