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We’re Listening. We’re Creating!

For over 16 years, FellowshipOne has been serving the needs of the church by providing top tier software solutions that enable your church to fulfill the Great Commission.  We love what we do and are always striving to supply your church with technology you need to be successful.  That’s what fuels us.

As a result of that passion, we’re getting ready to launch an upgrade to our online giving solution.  And, If there’s one thing we’ve realized during the COVID-19 outbreak it’s this: Online giving is as important if not more important to your church than it ever has been.

Some of you may have already heard about it. Others, maybe not. Our development teams have been heads down focusing on giving you the best online giving solution available. We’ve heard many of you say that you wanted dependability and stability, text to give, ease of use, simple bank reconciliation, easier reporting, and even new event registration with no account required and the ability to make multiple payments on a single event.  Oh – and I forgot to mention that our mobile church app, Ministry One, is also included at no extra charge!

For those of you using InFellowship for your online giving, you’ll be receiving this upgrade in the coming months. We’re doing the heavy lifting. You’ll just need to learn a little bit about how to use the new giving platform. 

Others may be using a different online giving provider and that’s OK. But – let me encourage you to take a look at our all new online giving platform that already processes over $4.5 Billion annually and serves over 30,000 churches.  Reach out to your Church Success Partner for more information.

We’re listening.  We’re creating.  And we’re releasing new ministry tools that help enable your ministry. COVID-19 didn’t stop us. It empowered us to do more for you.  Thanks for being a FellowshipOne church partner!

Press On,

Scott Goodger

General Manager, FellowshipOne