The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Squeaky Clean Data

Here at Fellowship One, our job is church data.

We’re dedicated to helping churches find better ways to collect, input, maintain, store, process, access, mine, and protect their data. We built our software to be able to help keep data clean and handle in-depth data mining. But that’s really for another blogpost.

This post is to share with you a new resource we’ve got for you, even if you don’t have a church management software. It’s a beginner’s guide, a high-level look at the top 9 areas that enable you to keep your database clean.

Dirty data is useless data!

Wade into the data integrity conversation with this 11X17 poster, yours to print and hang in your office or share electronically via the buttons under the title. Click the poster image above to download.

If you want to swim out a little further, you can click the link at the bottom of the infographic to download our intermediate level whitepaper: 6 Steps to Keeping Your Data Trustworthy. It expands on the information in the infographic.