Planning an Effective Church Budget: Budget Approved, Now What?

A guest blog from the accounting team at PSK. 4 Strategies for Following Through 1. Have a strong platform in place that includes: + A chart of accounts, or a list of the church’s general ledger accounts used to generate financial statements (This should be an exact replica of the church budget.) + Timely financial […]

Cross Functional Teams

This week we hear from one of FellowshipOne’s most experienced employees, Matthew McMaster. My name is Matthew McMaster and I have been an Implementation Manager since March of 2004.  In that time, I have implemented FellowshipOne at over 1,000 churches.  Some of them are very sophisticated in how they communicate within their ministries but most […]

What is Return on Ministry?

Return on Ministry is a way to think about church health and growth. Its concepts reveal the breadth of influence a ministry or event has on the congregation, community or world, as well as the depth of the significance it has on people’s lives. Are lives being touched and changed? That is, after all, why […]

Who Are Your Super Greeters?

Ideally, everyone is part of the welcome team. Leadership must communicate clearly and regularly to the congregation that everyone is a host, not a guest. Greeters are those awesome volunteers who are quick with a smile and a handshake and can point people in the general direction of the worship center or the restroom. But […]

Small Groups Summer Refresh

Summer is when many ministries of your church may switch gears and do things differently. Here are a few ways that summer can be for a time to refresh your small group leaders and groups. Break the mold Do your group leaders tell you they feel like they’re trying to cram too much into each […]

Have No Fear: Fellowship One Teacher is Here

What’s your nickname for the craziness commonly known as Sunday School? With our long-awaited new feature, Fellowship One Teacher, you’ll soon be calling Sunday School management “a piece of cake.” Taming the madness of kids’ ministry is vital not only to providing optimal learning environments, but also to protecting children in an area of heightened potential risk. […]

The Heart of the Millennial Issue

This is the third segment in our Millennials series. (See Part 1 and Part 2) “Millennials and the Church” research reveals a lot of interesting and conflicting ideas, but what do millennials themselves–and the pastors of dynamic churches that are actually reaching them–have to say? These 7 voices reflect variations on a theme:

4 Shifts the Church Needs to Engage Millennials

We’re talking about engaging millennials this month. (If you missed the first article in the series, go here.) Regrets As we unpack the factors that are involved in this unique phenomenon of millennial flight from the church, some leaders (often parents of millennials themselves) are filled with self-blame, regret and guilt. After all, Baby Boomers started […]