Data Integrity Team

Today’s blog is the third and last in a series where one of FellowshipOne’s most experienced employees, Matthew McMaster, tackles common challenges churches can face when integrating church management software into their ministry. Church silos continue to be a problem at many churches I visit. What many churches don’t understand is that there is more […]

Grow and Empower Community with Small Groups Software

Churches often rely on volunteers to manage and report on the groups in their care. Some churches have hundreds, or even thousands, of groups to monitor and track, which can make the administrative burden seem insurmountable without the proper tools. How can FellowshipOne help your church make that massive amount of data work for you? […]


WELCOME TO 2016! Are you among the millions who make and inevitably abandon their New Year’s resolutions? While we all wish we could do a better job keeping our personal resolutions, dynamic church leaders know they can’t afford to simply make a wishlist (what many resolutions amount to) and hope for the best.

How Many Databases Does Your Church Have?

In our survey of churches, we find that most churches have at least 4 databases. Quite a few others are blending data from 8 to 15 sources. What’s your number? And why does it matter? With every additional database, the risk of error and data omissions increases. It starts when ministry leaders want to take […]

Why We’re Opposed to FUD…and What We’re Doing About It

In the marketing world, FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. It’s a common sales technique. More than enough uncertainty already exists with respect to understanding software itself. With an Enterprise-level software like Fellowship One, it’s difficult for church management software shoppers to avoid fear and doubt, too.