Back up Your “Gut” at the Next Church Budget Meeting

It’s summer and your annual budget meeting is still a few weeks away. Most likely, you’re already collecting information and getting your budget proposal ready.

Will you make budget decisions based on 1) What your gut tells you your church needs 2) On what’s trendy or 3) On actual data?

And then, how will you make your case for the budget expenditures you need to carry out your mission?

What is your gut telling you?

Your gut feeling is the strong, valuable, intuition many ministry leaders have for their congregations. Your gut might be one way you detect the Spirit’s leading. But, in all likelihood, your gut may also have steered you wrong more than once.

We’ve seen time and time again that data can surprise you. It can validate and fill in the gaps between intuition and fact. (Without a doubt, there are gaps and facts you can’t see.)

None of us knows what we don’t know. 

Pre-budget information-gathering season is the perfect time to learn how to dive a little deeper into your data.

It’s hard to argue with data.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to validate your ministry ideas with solid data to remove the guesswork, feel confident in your decisions, and get the backing you need? That’s the power of data!

When we say this might be our most informative webinar ever, we’re not kidding. We’ve got 2 great hosts who know their stuff and are prepared to show you the kinds of secrets your data holds—and how to get to those secrets.

How Fellowship One Helps

We’ll also be showing you how Fellowship One church management software enables data analytics, but no matter what system of data storage you use, you’ll walk away with immediately actionable ideas—and lots of free resources!

Where are you on the church metrics journey?

Join us.