Who’s (Ultimately) Responsible for Efficient Church Data Processes?

Ever wonder what the success factors for church management software are? The high-level answer is that an efficient data management process is the #1 essential factor in technology success and member management. However, there are a lot of other factors that make up such a process. Ultimately, we’ve seen that the top influence that makes […]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Squeaky Clean Data

Here at Fellowship One, our job is church data. We’re dedicated to helping churches find better ways to collect, input, maintain, store, process, access, mine, and protect their data. We built our software to be able to help keep data clean and handle in-depth data mining. But that’s really for another blogpost. This post is […]

Fellowship One Grows Integrated Partner List

If you’ve ever wondered why someone hasn’t found a way to bridge the gap between different software systems, you probably use your computer the way you drive your car (able to get around town but completely ignorant of what goes into the engine of a car.) It’s true that many software products don’t play “nice” […]