New User Right Added to InFellowship

As more and more InFellowship functions have been added, there has been an increased need to have only a select group of Portal Users to control the InFellowship Admin functions. This feature has been requested by several churches as some well-meaning users have unfortunately changed colors in branding or have turned off features.

Recently, we introduced a new user right to the portal: InFellowship. This controls the InFellowship section on the WebLink tab. The InFellowship section under the WebLink tab controls the branding and configuration of the InFellowship functions.

Just to clarify these are not independent security rights. You need WebLink to get the InFellowship.  Similar to how you need Administrator to access Security Officer.

Also, any portal user who previously had the WebLink security right was automatically given the InFellowship user right.