MortarStone: Kingdom Funding Made Easy

In our last webinar, the IT Director from a 7-campus church referred to a third-party tool the church was using as part of their capital campaign strategy. MortarStone’s unique platform had helped them determine the surprising amount they could reasonably raise.

We developed our API to enable third-party tools to integrate with Fellowship One. MortarStone is one such tool.

Your Data + Their Data

MortarStone allows churches to make use of the data they’ve already collected. They’ve pioneered a platform that allows you to quickly create a holistic picture of your church givers based on their giving history, social matrixing, and other their real world habits. Even their zipcode is factored in!

Integrating with Fellowship One means these data points are easily accessible from your database, with no risk to your information.

Generosity Development

MortarStone’s subscription-based service, based to your annual budget, is designed to help your church reach its giving potential and create a culture of generosity. They begin with six unique snapshots of your church’s giving reality, then develop a strategy for unlocking its giving potential.

We encourage you to explore whether MortarStone could benefit your church!