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Live Stream Your Easter Service. Here’s How

Easter is right around the corner, are you ready? If you have ever thought about starting live streaming at your church, there’s still time to be up and running before Easter.   You can start live streaming for your church this Easter Sunday and here’s how.  FellowshipOne, in partnership with ChurchStreaming, is excited to tell you about a special 30-day Free Trial from ChurchStreaming.    How does live streaming work? We’re glad you asked. We’ve got a short article to explain it.   If you’re ready for the 30-day free trial, go straight to the sign-up form and you can get started right away!   If you project your pastor onto screens during your service, you’re halfway to live streaming already! All you need is a streaming device and a streaming provider – that’s where ChurchStreaming comes in. They can help with your streaming equipment needs, too!

The ChurchStreaming team will make sure you’re ready and successful by Easter. They’ve got templates and scripts to help you announce live streaming to your congregation and the wider community.   Not convinced your church is ready to live stream? Here’s a few compelling reasons why Easter service is actually the perfect opportunity to begin.  

4 Reasons to Live Stream Your Easter Service

1. Live streaming allows a larger number of people to connect with your church. Wouldn’t it be nice to reach those who are homebound, serving abroad in the military, not living in the vicinity and those who can’t commit to the time to make the trip in person.  Live streaming allows people to connect wherever they are.  

2. Live streaming is a great way for people to be introduced to your church. Most visitors will check a church out online long before they attend in person. Live streaming offers them an easy way to become familiar with your ministry and teaching style making it easier and more likely they will attend in the future.  

3. Live Streaming can allow non church goers to feel a part of a community. Let’s face it, many of the people you may want to reach most will not step foot in a church. Online streaming allows them an opportunity to feel connected to your church community as part of your digital church family. Many churches are even assigning care pastors to specifically care for their virtual congregation.  

4. Live streaming opens up more opportunities for giving. Those watching your live stream are on your website already. If your church website offers online giving, then viewers can participate with just a few easy clicks.   This is your opportunity to broadcast your Easter service – and, more importantly, the MESSAGE OF EASTER – more widely than ever before. Stay connected, grow your church. That’s the power of FellowshipOne and ChurchStreaming.   

To start your 30-day Free Trial, Click here to learn more.