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Good Habits Healthy Churches Share (Part 1)

Healthy churches are unique from one another based on size, location, leaders and members, and even the building’s architecture. But, between the differences, there are a few good habits that all healthy churches share. In a nutshell, these habits are simply effective church growth strategies. The great news is, they’re easy to apply and get results regardless if you’re a church plant or have been established for decades. 

In the two-part series, Good Habits Healthy Churches Share, we’ll dive deep into 8 healthy habits that any church can apply to fund their vision and grow within the community. 

Adopt a powerful church management system

A powerful ChMS (like FellowshipOne) is vital to church success. At the end of the day, it reduces admin burden, saves an abundance of time, and keeps everything from contact information to financial data organized. Because your ChMS integrates with giving, accounting, and your website, you’ll streamline workflows and engage with people on the next level. Basically, it’s a must-have tool for healthy churches.

Ask people what they want

Every service and event are opportunities to research the impact you’re making. During these times, talk to attendees and listen to what engages them or brought them in the first place. Did they come because their kids wanted to? Do they enjoy the interactive games you arranged for that particular event?

You can also send a quick survey before or after an event asking people what they like (or don’t like). It might surprise you to find that more people would attend if there was food or they could register and pay for the event online. By learning the preferences of attendees, you can adjust activities to inspire higher participation rates.

Create an engaging online experience  

Before people walk through your doors, they’re going to check out your church’s website and social media. Your online presence should reflect your church and answer questions that new visitors and active churchgoers have.

Healthy churches go beyond posting information, though. They engage with people that reach out by responding promptly, create fresh content to show information is current, post images and videos of the church in action, and keep their calendar up to date. They also create and embed forms on their website so that people can register for seasonal events, sign up to volunteer, and give to specific funds.

Make giving accessible for all generations

Healthy churches make it a habit to provide convenient ways for all generations to donate. The primary reason is that people from different generations have different ways they prefer to give.

By offering multiple ways to donate, you’ll equip (and inspire!) every age group to be generous during the service, throughout the week, and even on vacation. Plus, when you add options like online, mobile, and text giving that accepts credit, debit, and ACH (eCheck) donations, it’s easy for administrators to manage and track gifts within the ChMS.

Want to be the most impactful when adopting good habits healthy churches share? Learn more about FellowshipOne’s powerful ChMS by taking a free demo!