What Are You Going to Do With Your 183,189 New Easter Visitors?

We were curious about how our Fellowship One church partners fared this Easter, with respect to visitors. Turns out, they collectively reported 183,189 new records in their Fellowship One databases, counting from the Saturday before to the Tuesday after Easter (to give administrators time to enter visitor info into their systems).

Because these numbers represent people who have some level of interest in not only attending a church service on Easter but also sharing their contact information (Read: permission to contact), that number is exciting!

The first Easter launched a new and different routine for Jesus’ disciples in the days and weeks following His resurrection. Similarly, it’s imperative that these new attendees experience new life in the form of engagement with the Body following their Easter church visit, if we hope to disciple them to a fuller walk with Him.

Now What?

The ball is in the churches’ court. Once you have collected attendee information, they MUST hear from you soon, whether it’s a welcome card, a free gift, a phone call or email about an event or opportunity targeted to their specific demographic (i.e. men, women, children, singles, etc.). Of course, you don’t want to overwhelm them, but you have to notice them and make sure they know you have.

Free Resources to Maximize Visitor Experience

If you had a great visitor turn-out at Easter, check out our 7 Laws of Assimilation one-pager to increase your chances of drawing them into the life of the body. In this one-pager, author Allen Ratta breaks down the dynamics of connecting with those whom God brings into your house.

If you want to improve first-time visitor experience, increase second-time visitor rates in the future, or get more visitors to provide their information, you could benefit from our Reaching and Keeping Visitors Checklists, chock-full of tips about signage, greeters, parking, contact information collection, and more.


Thank you, Fellowship One church partners, for engaging your communities and embarking on the journey of connecting and offering exceptional attendee and member care.

Do you have any Easter visitor stories to share?