How to do a Family Info Card… Right!

Will Steed, one of our implementation guys, brought this family info card back from Potential Church. It is remarkably well done. I really love:

  • how well it’s laid out; very clean and intuitive
  • the official use area; clarifies what needs to be done when batching the job up
  • check-in sticker; forces their visitors to bring in the completed card

When a visiting family checks their child in, they grab the basics, get the kid checked in, and keep everything moving. While they are giving the check-in stickers to mom and dad, they tear one half of the receipt sticker, place it on the card and hand the parents the card to fill out when they can. The card is completed outside of the check-in area. After the service, it is brought back and given to the room monitor who releases their child back to them. Bam! Well done Potential.