Enhanced Core Report Now Available: M1400 v2.5 – Core Assignment Records

Our Reporting Team has been working hard to make reporting easier! And their latest creation M1400 v2.5 – Core Assignment Records is now available. This new release will replace 69 reports in addition to the 10 already identified in version 2.1. Several reports are now replaced by a two-step workflow using two core reports. For example, run M1211 to get a Temp Group of attendees. and then use that list with M1400.

This version includes the following improvements:

  • Attributes are displayed in the output as well as being used to filter the results
  • Requirements can be used to filter the results as well as being displayed in the output
  • People NOT having staffing and/or participant assignments can be returned
  • Results can be filtered by Gender, Marital Status, and Age
  • Results can be filtered by Assignment Creation Date and Active/InActive Status
  • Results can be filtered by Volunteer/Staff Schedule and Job
  • Individual Notes can be displayed in the output
  • Many new Page/Sheet Break options have been added
  • Five custom blank columns can be output on the left and right sides of the output for roster creation
  • Optional Sheet Header information can be output to include custom report Title, SubTitle and several metrics, such as # Participants, #Volunteer/Staff, # Households, # Individuals and Median Age
  • When selecting a specific date & time instance, the report will return everyone that is valid for that event regardless of how they are assigned: Activity, Activity Schedule or a specific date and time instance. It looks at all parts of the assignment, including the volunteer/staff schedule used to figure out who should appear on a listing for a specific date and meeting time
  • It can examine the staffing needs of an Activity, compare those to the volunteers who are valid for a specific activity schedule or date-time, and add in rows for any unfilled jobs

With this version, M1400 v. 2.5 can truly become the headquarters when reporting any kind of assignment list at an individual level.