What Churches Can Learn from the “Top 100”

At ACTIVE Network Fellowship One, we’re not fans of a one-size-fits-all blueprint for church org structures, or cookie-cutter replication of churches. We believe each church has its own calling, its unique community demographic, its distinctive DNA. HOWEVER…we also believe that:

  • Churches can learn a lot from each other
  • Sharing what works and what doesn’t can trigger creative thinking
  • The vetting process for tools and new ideas can be time-consuming and costly

These are the reasons we anticipate Outreach Magazine’s annual Top 100 Largest and Fastest Growing Churches issue each year. Undoubtedly, this extensive report was never intended to be the Golden Globes Awards Show for churches, an ego-raising nod to the so-called “popular” pastors and their flocks, or a list of Who’s Who to start emulating. At least that’s not the value we see in it.

What we see is an opportunity to let larger churches with greater resources do the heavy lifting of vetting ideas, processes, and tools.

Implementing new ideas and software solutions in churches can sometimes feel like trying to turn the Titanic around. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and risky to leadership credibility and mission momentum. Isn’t it better to see how things are working somewhere else first, before leaping on the latest bandwagon? Larger churches have the budget, staff and other resources to do the vetting. But more importantly, large, fast-growing churches can help you see which products can keep up with rapid growth. [Tweet that]

83 of These 100 Churches Use F1

When we say that 83 of Outreach Magazine’s top 100 largest and fastest-growing churches use ACTIVE Network products, we’re saying that Fellowship One has been put to the test!  And the results are in: F1 can support the weight of thousands and thousands of incoming database details in mega or multi-site churches! Not every church needs that kind of support, but each of the churches on Outreach Magazine’s list understood before they got to that list that software that scales to growth (in pricing and capability) is better than waiting until they were drowning in data problems to find a solution for large churches. Many of these churches, in fact, tell us they couldn’t have managed the growth without F1.

If you’re looking into church management software, you might be interested in 4 short stories of churches that approached us about being evangelists for Fellowship One. We’ve compiled them into one case study.