Capterra rates Fellowship One for Event Management

In a June 2014 blogpost entitled Church Software for Events: Comparing 5 Options, Capterra looked at five popular Church Management Software (ChMS) providers. They shared each one’s event features and assessed its functionality for church size and number of events.

The blog post correctly asserted that there are a lot of different features that could be included in Event Management software and that understanding which ones are important to your church’s needs is paramount. We are proud to be considered in this comparison. Capterra’s final word on Fellowship One’s event management functionality is this:

On top of the basic event management functionality, Fellowship One gives you the opportunity to take your event management further with managing your resources and facilities and incorporating all of that into the management of your church, syncing with your church calendar and other calendars that you have, and tracking everything as well.

This type of functionality is typically best for larger churches that generally hold large events multiple times a year.

Whether you’re not a Fellowship One user yet, or you are, but aren’t using our event software yet, we encourage you to check out Capterra’s comparison, leave us a review at Capterra, or visit our website to learn more.