Beyond Child Check-In Software

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our Teacher check-in feature. Never waste paper again creating rosters that will only become obsolete the minute new unexpected guests arrive and others leave or never make it to their final destination because of unforeseen events.

Fellowship One Teacher is the second step in our effort to revolutionize the church check-in process this year.

In celebration of this epic release, we asked ourselves, “Check-in is for more than just Sunday school. How are others using it to fit their needs?” From our recent Fellowship One Roadshows, here are some of the great ways our church partners shared that they are using check-in:

  • Keeping separate youth group ages apart.

One church has created a system to know instantly which youth group a kid belongs to when more than one age group meets on the same night. In order to separate out middle school from high school, they have trained their groups to check-in at different areas of the church. At their assigned printers, they use different color tags. For example, green for high school and blue for middle school. This way when the kids put on their name tags, leaders can see from afar which group they belong to and can point them in the right direction.

  • Holiday gift baskets

One church has a holiday program in which they offer gift baskets to families in need. Families are allowed to come and pick up baskets and are asked to return the basket at a later date. This church uses check-in for basket pick up and drop off, and creates rosters that let them see who picked up their baskets and which ones have been returned. It provides a great opportunity to check back to see if families need help.

  • Golf Tournaments or Big Events

This is a fun example. One church found a clever way to illuminate frustration by using check-in for their golf tournament. They created the golf tournament as an activity. Then they set up the golf tournament schedule. Next they created rosters for start time and tee position. Then they added cart number as the breakout group. This meant that when the golfer checked in, two tags were printed, one for them and one for their bag. Volunteers were then able to match the bag with the cart number and pre-deliver the bag to the cart. Then each golfer had their tee time and cart number right on their name tag. Event management nightmare solved!

The same church also did this for a large event where attendees broke into small groups. They put their small group location right on their name tag so volunteers could instantly tell them where to go.


If you have used check-in in unique ways, let us know! We would love to share your story as well. You can learn more or request an Account Manager contact you to get premier here.