Another Core Report! – Individual Roster

The reporting team has done it again! After months of hard work, version 2 of the Individual Roster Core Report (M9200) is finally released and available to you. This highly versatile report can be a life-saver on the next camping trip, a great way to share a physical list of people that need to be followed up with, or simply an alternate way to check people in and maintain current info with your small group Bible study on Sunday mornings. This report lets you:

  • identify the group, span of care, people participating or volunteering in an activity
  • select the fields you want to display in the resulting roster
  • page break by activity, group, sub-group, etc.
  • provides the following beautiful results

As with all Core Reports, this is how we are strategically reducing the number of reports to a more manageable library while also improving upon the capability.