Activity Workflow – Beta Update

We’ve had almost 200 churches become part of the Activity Workflow beta and we’re adding more daily. More churches asked to join the beta than we expected, giving us the opportunity to monitor the system and ensure stability with the higher number of beta activations going into the system. We are all caught up and able to handle more. Fill out this online form if you want to join this group and get a hands on look at what we’re working on.

With so many churches participating, we’ve had a lot of success with moving this project forward. Here are some of the results:

Feedback – Everyone seems to start with the sentiment “I LOVE what you are doing here.” We’re really glad to hear that whether you’re letting us know of a bug, an enhancement idea, or general feedback, you like the direction things are heading. Thank you so much for those positive words.

  • Bugs: The beta group has found 10 bugs. We’ve released a fix for all but two which are in the process of being released now.
  • Enhancements: We keep adding new features. Some are based on design needs and others are based on user feedback. Most recently, we added red and blue “pills” to the Activity structure that show assignment counts for staff and participant assignment. Due to your feedback, they are also now a shortcut to the list of people with those assignments. We’re currently working on a few more enhancements that I am going save for later, but thank you so much for the feedback

General Release – A common question we’re getting now is “When will you turn off the old and replace it with the new workflow?”. Everyone wants to make sure their staff is ready trained and ready for the release. The good news is, we’ll release the new workflow and keep the existing functionality in place for two weeks, giving all users time to transition to the improved workflow.

Although we don’t have a release date set at this time, we will communicate the launch on our product blog and via email to our F1 Champions and Designated Support Contacts (make sure these contacts are up-to date – learn how to do that here). The email will include a “sneak peek” of the new features and processes.

Again, thank you for all the great feedback! Keep it coming – and if you aren’t already part of the Activity Workflow beta, be sure to opt in today!