9+ Reasons to Join the New F1 Leadership Blog Roundup

Hi! My name is Gina Calvert. I’m the Senior Content Writer at Fellowship One and I’ve been blogging here for almost four years.

1995: My family on our first day at an Austin church

As a minister’s wife, I’m familiar with the world of church leadership. As a writer at a software company, I get a firsthand look at how technology helps churches achieve their mission of impacting communities and offering exceptional member care. I
also get to hear a lot of great ideas from our church partners. These experiences permeate my writing and the topics I choose to write about.


I want to bring you the most relevant insights I can, and I want them to be truly helpful and never annoying. So, I’m trying something new here at the F1 Leadership blog.

The Blog Roundup

The Blog Roundup is a subscription…but more. When you subscribe to the blog, you get—first—our popular Bridging the Gap: Donor Messaging for All Generations whitepaper to download immediately. Then you receive a bimonthly email that gives you a quick link straight to my latest blogpost, plus links to two additional posts I think might be timely for you.

“I’m Already Subscribed”

We’re refreshing our list, so even if you’ve subscribed before, you’ll need to put your email address in the 1-field form to the right in order to receive the Roundup.

Not convinced? In true blog format, I offer you:

9+ Reasons to Subscribe to the Blog Roundup

  • The Roundup comes right to your inbox every other week. You don’t have to try to remember to visit the blog and we don’t hit you daily like many other organizations.
  • You get a hand-picked selection including my latest blogpost plus two other recent or popular blogposts to choose from. Read just the ones that spark your attention, or read them all. Your choice!
  • You’ll always receive new choices, not articles recycled from past Roundups.
  • It doesn’t cost you a dime! As a blog subscriber, you’ll have access to free resources from time to time.
  • We’ll never share your details with anybody else.
  • If you change your mind, unsubscribing is almost easier than subscribing in the first place.
  • You get the opportunity to shape the content of the blog by letting me know what was valuable, what wasn’t, and what you’d like to read more about. Just hit reply to the email and share your thoughts! (Or leave me a comment right on the blogpost.)
  • You can be a ministry mentor to others! Easily share the articles by simply forwarding the email or clicking social media buttons within the blogposts.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. (Here’s where the + comes in):

  • Stories about creative ways our products are helping churches serve their members, visitors and communities (like this pastor’s experience with F1 in a monumental flood)
  • An opportunity to share your stories (I’m ALWAYS looking for great new stories to tell!)
  • Upcoming events, industry insights and guestposts
  • Lots of free resources!

Are you in? I would be honored if you would:

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