F1Touch App Release

You and your church staff already use Fellowship One to care for people. Do it even better with mobile access using the new and improved F1Touch!

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What’s New With This Release?
Added Security:
The “Remember me” feature makes logging in easy, but it’s also a vulnerability if your device is ever lost or stolen. Now you can lock access to F1Touch with your own four-digit pass code. Once enabled, you will be asked to enter the code every time you start F1Touch. You can set the Pass Code Lock in the “My Profile” section
Maps Enhancements:
Being able to tap a person’s address to see where they live is helpful, but what if you also want directions to their home from your current location? Tapping the pin will now open the location in the built-in maps application, where you have access to all native map features.
Add Individual’s Photo:
Seeing is knowing. Having a picture to go with the individual details makes it so much easier to identify them. Now you can upload a person’s picture into Fellowship One using your iPhone camera. Just tap the picture and edit!
Contacts Export:
Are there key people in Fellowship One that you connect with all the time? Now you can add them to your iPhone address book for quicker reference.
Groups Involvement:
The more you know about someone, the easier it is to relate to them. Now you can easily see the groups a person belongs to or leads.


Features Get Started Download App

Now that you’re excited about the new and improved F1Touch, it’s time to make sure your staff has access to this powerful ministry tool. Take the steps below to ensure your staff is able to access and utilize F1Touch on their iPhones today!

First, ensure that your Fellowship One administrator has enabled or granted access to this application.

To Grant or Revoke access to an application:
1. Select Admin>Integration>Applications.
2. Click on the application name.
3. Click Grant access to allow the application to access church data.
4. Click Revoke access to disable the application and prevent the application from accessing church data.

Going Deeper
This Shortcuts Guide should be just enough to get you rolling with F1Touch.

6 thoughts on “F1Touch App Release

    • As stated in the above comment, our development team is currently working on finalizing functionality to the Android app. We will be sending out communication to all of our users as we get closer to the release date. There are a ton of people who are excited about that particular release.

  1. What about a feature that marks you ‘present’ when at church service? I imagine it to work something like this: Pastor says: “At this time, please go to your F1 app and let us know you are here.” Congregation brings out mobile device and opens F1 app and clicks ‘I’m here” – The message goes to church’s Fellowship One site and marks they are present at the church service.
    This will hopefully, eventually replace attendance cards and entering them manually into Fellowship One.

  2. I think there needs to be a major overhaul of the app… The ability to take role, headcount, registration, update status… pretty much all the major changes you would want to make. Also an app just for the congregation would be great as a way for people to open the app, see what registrations and groups are available and register, update their info, send emails directly to the office and push notifications/location-based notifications would be great!

    • Thanks for your feedback and honesty. We are currently having discussions on how to make the experience of the mobile app better. We’ll keep you posted with our progress.

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