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  • Deleting Activities

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      It is not possible to delete activities within the User Interface of Fellowship One, however you can deactivate any activities you would like to prevent them from appearing on reports and in normal views of Fellowship One.   

    1 comment Posted in FT Solutions on 5.29.12
  • Best Practice | Changing Service Times

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      We are changing our service times  from 5:15pm  to 5:00pm and 7:30pm  to 7:00pm. What is the best process for making these changes in Fellowship One?     Firstly, let's talk about what NOT to do. DO NOT add new Activity Schedules with completely new times. This would then force you to change ALL your Participant Assignments, Staffing Assignments, Super Check-ins and Contact Forms. Yuck!  

    4 comments Posted in FT Solutions on 5.29.12
  • Special Events | Activity Setup | Check List | Fellowship One

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    We know major holidays are busy times for you and your team. Good Friday, Easter, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s; all with their own special challenges and rewards. Record attendance totals...Additional Service Times...Volunteer Needs...The list can be daunting! It's okay. Take a deep breath and relax because we’ve put together a "Support Approved" check list to help with your Childcare, Communication Card, and Holiday Giving needs. Download the attached document, so you can be certain you haven’t missed a thing!

    0 comments Posted in FT Solutions on 3.23.12
  • Weblink Registration Solutions | FAQs | VBS | Summer Camp | Fellowship One

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    1. What if we have multiple rooms per grades/gender as well as mixed grades sometimes (ex. 3rd and 4th grade girls). How can I manage this with Weblink Forms? Create a RLC Setup with no age restrictions and make the grade & gender designations at the Question/Answer level. This also enables you to name the RLC according to a theme.

    2 comments Posted in FT Solutions on 3.19.12
  • Weblink Forms | Assign by Age and Gender | How To

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    Question: Can weblink forms assign a student to a room by grade and by gender?  Yes, Weblink registration forms CAN manage the assignments by grade and gender using Questions and Answers. Create a question that is something like "Grade and Gender?" and then format the available answers like this:

    1 comment Posted in FT Solutions on 3.19.12
  • Check In, Check Out | How To

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    Question: When employing hourly paid workers for a child care-based activity, how can I calculate the time worked using Fellowship One Check-In? Create an activity for Check-In with schedules specific to the activity for which child care is needed. Create an activity for Check Out with a schedule that occurs every day. Name the RLC the paid workers are checking in to the same name so you can find them easily on the report we will  be using later.

    0 comments Posted in FT Solutions on 2.15.12

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