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What to Expect from Your New Platform: FellowshipOne Giving Powered By Kindrid

FellowshipOne has been hard at work improving the online giving experience for both your church and your congregants. This fall, we’re launching a new, more robust online giving platform, FellowshipOne Giving powered by Kindrid, that offers smarter solutions for managing gifts, reporting, and more. 

Here’s what makes this upgrade awesome: 

  • Free, full-featured mobile app 
  • Customizable forms to collect donations, event registration, payments, and more 
  • Dedicated Success team members who will be available for training on specific features and functionality 
  • Add-ons like text-to-give and giving kiosks 
  • Your current giving schedules will not be impacted or disrupted in any way

We’re including free access to our church app, MinistryOne, to help you better engage with your church through sermons, notifications, generosity, and so much more. 

Why are we making this move? 

In order for our team to quickly roll out new and enhanced features (like the ones above) and improve upon the stability of our online giving solution, it’s necessary for us to upgrade your account to our newest platform.  

With FellowshipOne Giving powered by Kindrid, you will receive a best-in-class giving solution that processes over $4.5 Billion per year.  This upgrade also frees up our development team from duplicating efforts across multiple platforms to focus on continuing to improve the core areas of FellowshipOne.

What can I expect? 

  • Giving schedules currently in place will continue to process uninterrupted 
  • Links to InFellowship Giving will guide contributors to pages within InFellowship (or to forms embedded on your website if you choose) 
  • Congregants can continue using their InFellowship ID for online giving 
  • Congregants will have an amazing, improved giving experience 
  • And, the same incredible customer support team 

What will improve? 

  • With this upgrade, it is also necessary that we require you to change payment processors so that we have more control over how the processor interacts with our products, creating improved security and stability. 
  • Bank Reconciliation 
  • Automated Reporting 
  • Batched daily transactions 
  • Easy to use Event Registration 
  • Registration without an account 
  • Saved ACH & Credit Card information 
  • And so much more… 

So, what’s next? 

We know change can be intimidating, and we want to ensure you know what to expect when this transition takes place. As a result, we will be hosting a series of Webinars to help you navigate the upgrade process. And, as your upgrade date gets closer, we’ll be inviting you to training sessions focused on how navigate, use, and reap the benefits of our all new giving solution, FellowshipOne Giving powered by Kindrid. 

Continue coming back to this page for more updates. Bookmark it in your browser and follow along as we get closer and closer to launching FellowshipOne Giving powered by Kindrid.