The FellowshipOne Coordinator Application is Better than Ever!

Recent updates to FellowshipOne Coordinator make managing classrooms easier and more intuitive than ever! This web-based application is designed to give those charged with managing a group of classrooms convenient visibility into the number of participants and volunteers currently checked in.

Users can:

  • Login with most web-enabled mobile devices
  • Monitor room capacity and increase or decrease room capacity based on need
  • Open or close rooms as needed
  • Monitor student to Teacher ratio
  • View a list of students and volunteers currently checked into each classroom
  • Move teachers and students from one classroom to another

New updates to FellowshipOne Coordinator include:

• Completely updated design

fellowshipone coordinator

  • Better performance
  • Ability to provide volunteers with a direct url to an Activity in Coordinator
  • Improved user experience

FellowshipOne Coordinator is part of the FellowshipOne Premier Check-in Suite. If you are not a Premier customer, but are interested in learning more, please email