Free Resources for FellowshipOne Customers: Mind Towards Ministry Webinar Series


One of the most popular resources for customers we launched in 2017, was the Mind Towards Ministry (FREE) webinar series. These one-hour live webinars were a great way for church leaders to engage on a specific topic or product feature.

The Mind Towards Ministry series will be offered again beginning March 6. Mark your calendar and plan to attend the topics that best suit your ministry needs.

March 6 – Easter Checklist DONE!
April 3 – VBS: From Start to Finish
April 26 – Promotion: Time to Graduate
May 7 – Summer Spruce Up Your Data
June 7 – Yes, I Have A Question…
June 26 – Rocking Small Groups


In case you missed any of the 2017 sessions, here is a brief re-cap:

Let’s Talk Reporting – Understanding the “who” and “what” of reporting filters and getting your desired results.

Let’s Talk Assimilation – Moving people through the steps of discipleship in using Contacts, Notes, Attributes and Requirements.

Let’s Talk Attendance – Recording people’s involvement in the church through headcount, posting attendance and Check-in.

Let’s Talk Giving – Setting up your funds and sub funds to enter contributions manually, online or through our Contributions App.

Let’s Talk Groups – Equipping lay leaders with the tools they need to reach out to new prospects, converse with their groups, and post attendance/notes through inFellowship.

Let’s Talk Registration Creating registration forms that engage your congregation while gathering the pertinent information you need for your events.

Let’s Talk People – Understanding the Individual and Household profile, searching for people along with merging duplicate records.

Let’s Answer Questions – Answering all of your questions and supplying tips and tricks for you to use in FellowshipOne.

Let’s Talk Contribution Statements – Configuring both online and paper giving statements to send to your congregation.

All of the webinar recording and downloadable resources are available in the Help Center.