Countdown to Easter: Do the Math

Most churches have been feverishly preparing for Easter for weeks and months. In the final countdown, plastic eggs are being stuffed, logistics are being finalized, the stage is being set to impact lives with the Greatest Story Ever Told.

Here at Fellowship One, you might have noticed that we’ve been focusing quite a bit on the visitor aspect of Easter. It’s because the numbers from last year tell a pretty compelling story as well:

Clearly, there will be more people attending a worship service next weekend than any other time of year:

Effective follow-up is vital, if we hope to encourage return visits.

But how do you do effective follow-up? There’s just one way we know of: church management software.

In all the hoopla of the big weekend, we know you’ll be focused on people. We just want to remind you that, for church leaders, Easter season doesn’t end at midnight on Sunday night. [TWEET THAT]. The days and weeks that follow the fragile first steps of turning a visitor into a member or a seeker into a follower are crucial.

If you’re ready for some help with making sure no one gets overlooked, not just at Easter, but all year round, click to register to download our Easter Visitors Follow-Up webinar recording and learn how Fellowship One manages the visitor journey.

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Oh, and have a Happy Easter!