Church check-ins for children give parents peace of mind

Over the last few decades, the need for church safety and security has increased drastically. Security incidents and even tragedies are commonplace in today’s headlines. There are however, easy and low-cost ways churches can help parents have peace of mind when checking in their children. Having an electronic children’s check-in system is a vital part […]

2018 GAAP Reporting Standards: What You Need to Know

Is your ministry prepared for the new GAAP reporting changes that take affect for this filing season? If your church files reports according to these GAAP standards and you haven’t made the necessary changes in your accounting practices, you could be looking at a larger bill from your auditors and a scramble at the end […]

5 Steps to Prepare for Natural Disasters

During a crisis, communities tend to turn to churches for support. If ministries don’t plan for the worst, they may find themselves unprepared, overwhelmed, and unable to provide the necessary assistance for members of their congregation and their community. Without proper preparation, a church might risk exhausting its resources, responding inadequately, or — worst-case scenario […]

Our Top 7 Cringe-Worthy Church Website Design Mistakes

Are there certain websites you dread going to? Like your local library’s website that hasn’t been updated since 2003 or your son’s little league website that makes it impossible to find the schedule? Bad designs lead to bad user experience. And if someone is frustrated with your website, they’ll leave—it’s as simple as that. Don’t […]

What is a Dynamic Church? Part Three

Today we wrap up our series, “What is a Dynamic Church?” where we examine the traits of effective ministries. Today we end with part three. You can find part one here and part two here. A dynamic church should have… Excellent Communication Leaders understand the importance of effective, creative, and timely communication with their members and […]

Making the Most of Every Ministry Contact: Part 3

Service Level Agreements (SLA) There is a new question that churches across the country are beginning ask themselves: “What is our SLA to our congregation?” Does a first-time visitor get a call within one day, two days, a week of their visit? What is the turnaround time from someone indicating interest in volunteering and them […]

Making the Most of Every Ministry Contact: Part 2

Process Documentation Building on what we learned in Making the Most of Every Ministry Contact: Part 1 now we will see how to improve the paper only process that many churches currently employ to reach out to people who have asked for information from the church. For the sake of this example, I want to […]

Making the Most of Every Ministry Contact: Part 1

Our blog today comes from Matt McMaster, our Senior Professional Services Manager who has been with FellowshipOne since 2004. As one of FellowshipOne’s most experienced team members, he’s an expert on how churches can maximize their ministry with our software. Today is part one of a three part series from Matt. In anticipation of Easter […]

How to Capture Visitor Information Online

One of the most common problems we hear at FellowshipOne is church leaders wanting more information about visitors to their church. If you’re not intentional about engaging visitors, they can slip in and out of your services completely unnoticed. But what about on your website? These days, your website is most often the first point […]