How about a Birthday Party Ministry for Outreach?

We love to pass on new outreach ideas. This one comes from Worlds of Wow, creators of “ridiculously cool” indoor playgrounds.

The philosophy of the Worlds of Wow team is that the environments they create are an integral part of reaching families and children. They tell a new story with every children’s ministry design – and that story leads back to being able to share the message of Jesus.

Download the Worlds-of-Wow-Birthday-Party-Ministry whitepaper.

One way that they recommend maximizing the use of the children’s space is by having a birthday party ministry. They estimate that for every party hosted in your facility–attended by the typical headcount of 12-15 kids–approximately 18-20 new visitors would enter your facility, see your ministry and how you care about kids, and learn more about your church. If you hosted 5 parties in a weekend, that would be close to 100 new visitors, for a relatively low investment compared to other marketing initiatives.

They also suggest setting aside a timeslot purely for ministry by providing free parties for low income families or single moms.

Click the whitepaper image above to download their free whitepaper to get all their recommendations for hosting your own Birthday Party Ministry. And check out their exciting kids’ spaces at Worlds of Wow.