Better Communications = Better Community

Most Churches understand the importance of effective, creative, and timely communication with their members and visitors. What we sometimes struggle with is how to make that happen. There’s a lot going on in the world around us and keeping different groups feeling connected can be a challenge. Effective communication plays a key role in helping you stay tapped-in and create a healthy community. That’s why we’ve partnered with Mercury Flight to provide broadcast messaging that is simple, affordable, and best of all… integrated with Fellowship One!

Now you can call, text, or email hundreds (or thousands) or people in seconds,  It’s the most effective tool available for improving communication with your congregation and positively impacting lives. With the combined power of Fellowship One and Mercury Flight, you can:

  • Increase attendance
  • Increase giving
  • Connect with new visitors
  • Communicate with volunteers
  • Promote special groups and events

Follow these simple steps to get started:

Setting up a campaign is easy! Write your Message, Select your F1 Group and you’re done!