4 Quick Questions That Could Increase Your Summer Church Donations

Are you already planning your summer vacation? You can bet your members are, too, and you know how that impacts your summer church donations. In our 10 years of experience serving churches, we’ve seen giving contributions drop as much as 15% during the summer months.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

  • Churches using online giving well see only about a 1% decline in summer donations
  • Online giving rates tend to be 3-4% higher per gift than in-person gifts
  • Online givers tend to give more regularly

If you’re not offering online giving yet, or you’re not seeing the results you expected from your online giving option, why not attend our LIVE WEBINAR:

 Avoid the Summer Giving Slump with Fellowship One
Thursday, April 16th at 12pm (CT)

In this free 60-minute webinar, we’ll provide data insights and giving trends, plus answer these questions, and more:

  • Does online giving really make a difference?
  • How can we engage more people with online giving?
  • Which generation is the most generous?
  • How do we reach each generation?

If your church isn’t maximizing online giving, you’re missing out on a significant source of funding for your ministries.

Online giving can increase the culture of generosity in your church.
Find out how: