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Yahoo and AOL Changes Affect Email Deliverability for F1 Users

Recently, email providers Yahoo and AOL both made changes to their DMARC authentication policies that impact delivery of emails coming from mass email marketing tools when the From address is a or email address. That means if you send an email using Fellowship One Group Email, or any other 3rd party email tool, and the email address used to send is from Yahoo or AOL, there’s an increased chance your emails will bounce or go to spam.

Why is it happening? Emails sent from Fellowship One Group Email are sent from “on behalf of” the user’s email address. When Gmail, Comcast, and others attempt to confirm with Yahoo that the email originated from a Yahoo server, Yahoo declines, rejecting the email as spam. For more information on how this works, check out this DMARC primer from Laura Atkins at Word to the Wise.

A simple fix for this is to change the email address associated with your portal user account in Fellowship One. However, it’s only a matter of time before other ISPs, such as Gmail and Hotmail, make similar changes. Because email protocols allow custom From addresses, even if the email is not actually being sent from that domain, we recommend using your own private domain. If you need help registering a new domain or setting up email addresses, your web developer can assist you with this process.

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