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Why Your Church Should Offer Free WiFi

Today more than ever, a free WiFi Internet connection for church members is an important service every church should offer. Increasingly, restaurants, grocery stores, and other retail shops make an Internet connection available—but churches should offer WiFi not just because it’s culturally popular and “green,” but also because it’s increasingly beneficial.

Provide Free WiFi for Bible Study

People still love bringing their leather-bound Bibles to church, but using a Bible app on a smartphone or tablet is quickly gaining popularity. In 2017, Barna reported that 43% of church-goers love using the Bible app on their phone. The ability to quickly tap to a verse and cross-reference with multiple translations in real-time is a feature people love. Plus, as people simplify and carry less with them, using a version of the Bible on their phone is a natural option. Having WiFi available allows for easy downloading and using of popular Bible apps.

Provide Free WiFi for Bulletins and Info

As technology advances, many churches are saving on printing costs by offering their bulletin online—or even pushed by text message to those who opt-in. Having the ability to access this information before, during, and after service is fast and easy when an Internet connection is available. A good Church Management Software like FellowshipOne can broadcast this information with ease.

Provide Free WiFi for Giving

While most churches still have an “offering time,” the offering plate’s days are numbered. Sixty percent of church members are willing to give digitally, and according to Nonprofit Source, “Churches that accept tithing online increase overall donations by 32%.” Having WiFi available makes online giving as easy as a few taps, whether it’s by kiosk, mobile app, or through text messaging. FellowshipOne has ready-made and easy-to-implement solutions for all of these options. Click here to schedule a free demo.

Provide Free WiFi for Sharing

As people become more familiar with smartphones and deeper entrenched in social media, they love sharing their experiences online. People regularly record snippets from the sermon message, take a live photo of their worship experience, and even “check in,” when they get to church. Providing free WiFi allows them to share fast and give your church a social boost in the process. Offering free WiFi to churchgoers is an important service every church should offer. What was once seen as a distraction from the message has become a vital, and even expected, amenity. The password should be clearly posted, and of course, proper Internet filters made available. Then, take your online efforts to the next level with good Church Management Software like FellowshipOne for online giving and much, much more. Click here to schedule a free demo today!