New Findings About Multi-Site Churches

“Multisite churches grow faster, have more lay participation and reach more new believers than single-site churches.”

“To learn more about the still-burgeoning multi-site movement nationwide, Leadership Network conducted what is likely the largest cross-denominational survey of multi-site churches. It included Leadership Network multi-site clients…as well as many additional multi-site churches, both on this continent and around the world. Usable responses came from 535 churches across 12 countries (91% USA, 4% Canada, 3% UK, 4% other)—together representing 1.8 million in weekly worship.

The survey asked 185 different pieces of information, plus it offered many places for ‘optional comments.’ This wealth of information led to all kinds of new discoveries. Plus we compared many of the responses against previous versions of the survey.”

The resulting Leadership Network/Generis Multi-site Church Scorecard report will be released as a free download in March. From that research, Leadership Network shares that are more than 8,000 multi-site churches in the United States.Sign up here to receive notification when the report is released.