Get Sermon Help from Our Partner, Docent Research Group

“The pressure from high expectations, combined with the relentless frequency of weekly services, creates for many pastors ‘the tyranny of the coming Sunday.’ Add the countless, diverse demands on a pastor, and too many weeks there simply isn’t time to get it all done.”


Does this sound like a typical week for you?  It certainly does for some of our church partners.  It’s also one of the reasons we partnered with Docent Research Group. Docent Research Group gets it. They specialize in providing sermon help through research done by a dedicated team of seminary-trained researchers that have their PhDs or are MDiv or PhD students. They provide:


  • Stories, statistics, quotes
  • Connections to culture
  • Theological insights
  • Exegetical analysis of Scripture

Book Summaries

  • Books or articles
  • Content you need to know but don’t have time to read
  • Any genre
  • Any level of detail

Book Projects

  • Research
  • Editing
  • Collaboration

Here’s what some Docent users have had to say about this remarkable service: “Docent proved to be exceptional at scholarly research. I was especially impressed at the speed at which they could gather information. I’ve found their work most useful when I give them specific requests to help in my preparation for sermons.”

Craig Groeschel, Lead Pastor, Edmond, OK

“Docent has been an awesome resource for me. Their research is tailored to your personal needs and supplements your own message research remarkably well. Docent’s research has enriched my messages and helped me communicate the gospel more effectively. I believe my teaching is significantly better with more depth and insight because of Docent’s work. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Jud Wilhite, Senior Pastor
Central Christian Church, Las Vegas, Nevada

“I highly recommend Docent Research Group to any pastor who is serious about teaching God’s Word with accuracy and precision. Their careful and watchful research of the Scriptures has proved time after time to be a great addition to my personal study and it has always worked to make my sermons better. At times it has improved it with more intellectual insight, sometimes with clear illustrations, and at other times with very practical applications. Docent has served to help our people perceive, see, and hear God’s Word more clearly.”

Matt Carter, Senior Pastor
Austin Stone, Austin, TX


Fellowship One is proud to be partners with Docent Research Group through the Partners in Church Consulting (PCC) Network. We highly recommend this sermon help service to our church partners.