Always Learning From the Best Leaders

“Practice makes perfect” has become a cliché expression, and it has truth to it. To be successful in anything, hard work and repetition is required. However, what is left out of the phrase “practice makes perfect” is perhaps the most critical part. A more accurate way to put it is “correct practice makes perfect,” because if you practice something incorrectly, the practice isn’t worth as much as it could be, and could in fact be harmful. We all need guidance and mentorship in our pursuits from people with more experience.

Leadership is no different. People born with a talent for it still experience a learning curve. Even for experienced leaders, constant mentorship and learning is a critical component of their responsibility to the people they lead.

This collection of interviews from Outreach Magazine is a valuable bank of knowledge from many respected ministry leaders that can act as both an encouragement and a catalyst for conversation in your own ministry. As a pastor or anyone who works in a ministry, developing your leadership qualities will be a lifelong endeavor. Taking from the experience of seasoned leaders is an invaluable resource.

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