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5 Eye-Opening Church Statistics Every Pastor Should Know

Current church trends can seem mysterious, but when you understand the latest church statistics, making decisions for your church can become easier than ever. Here are some church statistics that may give you a moment’s pause—and open your eyes to opportunities.

Church Statistics: It’s All About the Message, the Kids, and the Outreach

Gallup asked participants what the major factors were in why they attended church. Three quarters of respondents said the sermon—either teaching about scripture or connecting religion to life—was a huge draw. Next on the list were programs for children and youth, followed by a little more than half the respondents looking for community outreach.

Surprisingly low on the list, polling less than 50% of respondents were social activities to get to know others. And, ironically low, at only 38% was the praise and worship experience, which many churches make top priority.

Church Statistics: Some People Just Aren’t into It—But Not Why You Think

In the same poll, people were asked they didn’t attend church. Most people said they simply prefer to worship on their own (44%), didn’t like organized religion (36%), or weren’t religious (33%).

Other factors, such as not having time, being asked for money, or not feeling welcome polled only from 9-20%, making them rare reasons people don’t attend.

Church Statistics: Again, Two-thirds are There for the Kids

In a Pew poll, two-thirds of Americans responded that they go to church specifically for their kids. Having quality programs for children and youth is critical, not only for giving kids a firm foundation for life, but also for drawing the entire family into the church.

Church Statistics: Giving is Plastic and Digital

When it comes to giving, the offering plate is no longer en vogue. Nonprofit Source reports that “49% of all church giving transactions are made with a card.” And perhaps more notable, “Churches that accept tithing online increase overall donations by 32%.” Clearly, it’s more important than ever to offer opportunities to give by kiosk, mobile app, and through text messaging. FellowshipOne has ready-made and easy-to-implement solutions for all of these avenues. Click here to schedule a free demo.

Church Statistics: Bibles are Downloaded

While print is still king when it comes to reading the Bible, Barna reports that 43% of people use a Bible app on their phone—and 36% listen to the Bible on audio. Even more learn about the Bible online (55%) and by podcast (36%). For this reason, it’s valuable to have a wifi connection available during church services, and its password readily available. These church statistics tell us the Body of Christ is changing in why they attend church, how they give, and how they learn the Bible. By staying up to date with the latest trends, you can be ready to meet the needs of your community better than ever. And by staying in touch with the trends in your own congregation with good Church Management Software like FellowshipOne, you’ll never miss a beat!