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10 Classic Fall Festival Games Your Church Will Love

Are you ready to start planning your church’s Fall Festival? If so, why not look to the past for some inspiration. Your members are sure to love these low-tech, oldy-but-goodie carnival games.

1. Apples on a String

Remember bobbing for apples as a kid? Well, this updated, but still vintage, version is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Instead of floating apples in a tub of water, hang each one from a string. The first player to bite their apple without using his/her hands after the judge yells “go!” wins.

2. Potato Sack Race

Several online retailers sell potato sacks in bulk. Need a lower-cost alternative? Have your members donate old king-sized pillowcases or ask the quilters and sewers in your church to sew and donate sacks from their extra fabric stashes. Have players put their legs into the sacks and jump to the finish line. The first person who makes it wins.

3. Three-Legged Race

All you need is two players per team, 1-2 bandanas per team, a start line and a finish line. Have teams tie the bandanas around one of their legs, tying them to their partner’s leg. The first team to reach the finish line with three legs, wins.

4. Egg and Spoon Race

Each player receives a spoon and a hard-boiled egg. The first player to race from the start to the finish line without letting the egg drop from the end of their spoon—without touching the egg!—wins.

5. Egg Toss

Each team consists of two players. When you say go, one player tosses her egg to her partner. If a team drops their egg, they are out of the competition. Surviving teams take a step back. Toss again. Surviving teams take a step back. Repeat until only one team survives. You may use fresh or hard-boiled eggs.

6. Pie Eating Contest

When you yell “start,” each player, with hands tied behind his or her back, must eat the pie in front of them. The first to finish wins. Not only does this make a funny photo op for your church, but it’s inexpensive since you can ask the bakers in your church to donate the pies.

7. Cake Walk

Ask your church members to donate cakes, cookies, pies, and other yummy desserts for this game. Set chairs in a circle (any number, but typically you’d want 10-25). Number each chair. Number pieces of paper with the same numbers as the chairs so there’s an equal number of chairs and pieces of paper. Players take a seat until all chairs are filled. Ask everyone to stand up and walk in a circle to their right (clockwise). Play fun music while the players are walking. When the music stops, players race to take a seat. Draw a number from a bowl or hat. The person sitting in the chair that corresponds to the number called chooses a treat to take home.

8. Musical Chairs

Place up to 20 chairs in a circle and allow enough players to play that there’s one more player than there are chairs. When music starts, players walk in a circle to their right (clockwise). When music stops, players race for a seat. The player without a seat is eliminated. Before starting the music again, remove one chair. There will always be one less chair than players. Start music again, then stop it. The player without a seat is eliminated. Repeat the process. Continue playing until only one player—the winner—remains.

9. Pumpkin Ring Toss

Buy enough pumpkins so that each player has one pumpkin. Choose pumpkins that have tall stems. Each player receives three rings (pool rings would work ). When you say go, players toss one ring at a time, attempting to land their rings on their pumpkin. The first player to land all three wins.

10. Stuff a Scarecrow

Create multiple stations. Each station will have a scarecrow costume, including a men’s long-sleeve shirt, a pair of jeans, a burlap sack (or pillowcase) with a face drawn on it for the head, a hat, five pieces of twine (or string or cord), and a pile of hay. Each station can have 1-2 players (either solo or a team). When you say “go,” players will build their scarecrow. The twine is to tie the scarecrow’s wrists, feet and head. The first team to successfully stuff and assemble their scarecrow wins.

Your church’s Fall Festival doesn’t have to be expensive. This time of year, especially, is an ideal time to pull from the games of yesteryear.

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