Member Care

Member Care

Get the full picture of a family or individual’s involvement in the church for the anytime/anywhere access and effective communication needed for exceptional member care with church membership software.

Keeping up with the details in members’ lives is vital to offering them the ministry care they need. Complete church membership software provides a centralized church database that enables every ministry leader to input and access data in one place. This solution enables a 360° view of members, from their photos and contact information to their church attendance, ministry involvement, volunteer records, giftedness profiles, registration history, background checks, giving history, small group membership and span of care, along with any public or private notes leaders include. Imagine having all that in one church database!

Now imagine being able to access your church database anytime, anywhere, via the web, iPhone or Android. Ministry on the go, however, is just the beginning.

Leaders who recognize member data as their most valuable resource will want to go deeper with church software. Imagine being able to track spiritual progress through established touch points, viewing graphical depictions of past and planned involvement in church activities and learning opportunities. Comprehensive, custom search criteria (both simple and advanced) will allow you to spot trends and patterns of church attendance invisible to the eye, allowing for a realistic view of member and visitor needs and programs tailored to those needs.

Communication—individual or en mass—becomes a breeze. Simply define your group in the search results, then take a variety of actions, including exporting to Excel to aggregate common values, view the parents or children of those on the list, or quickly email the group.

Here’s how Fellowship One Church Membership Software helps you offer exceptional member care:

  • Anytime, anywhere access to data via the web, iPhone or Android
  • Full view of member data in one centralized church database
  • Graphical depictions of past and planned involvement in church activities
  • Automatic task-routing that prevents individuals from being overlooked
  • Richly-designed church email newsletters to a few or to everyone in minutes
  • Extensive report library to identify potentially troubling trends
  • Opt-in church photo directory that will encourage community with your church
  • Mass action tools to streamline church database management

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