View Each Family and Individual

People come to your church desperately seeking help to meet the challenges they face on a daily basis. To adequately serve the families and individuals that call your church home, you need an accurate and complete picture of them and their involvement in the church. If the information is incomplete, inaccurate, or stored in several different systems, it makes it nearly impossible to customize your care based on their needs.

You will have up-to-date information just one click away including their names, ages, and contact details; the names and ages of their children; the latest notes and communications between them and the church; a graphical view of their involvement as a participant or volunteer in the church’s activities, and, with the proper security, their donation history.

Having this vital information available will enable you to tailor your assistance and programs to their specific needs. FellowshipOne gives you access to this information anytime, anywhere by simply using a web browser or smart phone.

Find and Manage Your People

If your church has more than 100 people in attendance, it can be difficult to find and manage the numerous visitors and members. FellowshipOne makes it easy by providing both simple and advanced search capabilities with just a few clicks of your mouse or smart phone. Search results include contact information, member status, and photo to help you easily identify the right person.

Improve Your Information Quality

With FellowshipOne, you will begin to capture and store more information about your congregation than ever before. The quality and accuracy of this information is crucial to making good stewardship decisions. FellowshipOne helps you ensure that the information you enter is accurate and remains up-to-date. If a duplicate individual is created, tools are provided to find the duplicate and merge them into one.