MinistryOne is the new mobile church app created by people who really get the Church. MinistryOne was designed to help your members to stay engaged any day of the week.

Church happens beyond the walls.

With advances in mobile technology, people are more connected than ever. Members of your congregation now do business, find entertainment and share their lives through mobile devices such as phones and tablets. If your ministry isn't mobile-optimized, then you are missing out on one of the best ways to connect and engage with your congregation.


MinistryOne begins with your Giving account. Linking the app to your giving portal means that your ministry team can turn on special donation forms which could be used for partner organizations, relief funds, missionaries, etc.


Give church members and visitors an idea of what's most important to your ministry by posting sermons to your app. Making these available is as easy as linking to the files on your video account on Vimeo or YouTube.

Live Steaming Video mobile screen

Live Streaming new

Go live! It's easy and fast with our fully-integrated partnership with—on your website, in your app, and on social media. Live videos will load right in the app and users and watch, learn, give, and remain a vital part of your church's community—no matter where they are.

Communication & Prayer Requests

Church members and visitors need to be able to reach you. The Communications module gives them the tool they need in order to reach out. Along with this, the Prayer Requests give congregants a way to submit requests for prayers from your ministry team and others within the church.


From holiday services to mission trips to Sunday school or retreats, let everyone know what's happening in your ministry by posting to the Events module.

Push Notifications

Use push notifications and in-app messaging when your community just has to know what's going on. Don't let your communications get lost on social media or ignored in an email newsletter. Send alerts instantly or schedule your messaging in advance. You can share links to events or registration forms, send an encouraging prayer update, share the latest news, or make sure your community gets any urgent weather alerts.

Notifications mobile screen

Your church, your way

With MinistryOne, you choose the images, colors and logos to best represent your church. Forms give you the option of customizing the modules to fit your needs, as well. Build the contents and design on your desktop and publish to the app.

Find out how MinistryOne can help your church
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If your church has giving activated through the FellowshipOne GO
platform, then you can use MinistryOne at no charge!