Custom Branded Apps

Grow engagement in your community by upgrading the full-featured church app, MinistryOne, to a custom branded app.

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Help people find YOUR church

Your church's brand is part of your unique identity and helps you engage your people to the fullest. By customizing these features to make the app your own, more people will find and connect with you.

  • Your Icon

    Match the app icon to your church's logo for a branded experience.

  • Your Name

    Improve name recognition by customizing the app with your church's name.

  • Splash Screen

    Add a branded image to show up while your app is loading so people know they're in the right place.

  • App Store

    Direct people to your page in the app store using your church's Apple account.



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One-time set up fee

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MinistryOne Church App

Included with every plan at no additional cost

Why invest in a custom branded app?

  • Be recognized in the app store, on social media and online
  • Provide people another way to experience YOUR church
  • Keep your brand in front of your congregation every day
  • Improve connections and your church's reach within the community
  • Create lasting impressions and build meaningful relationships

Want to try the full-featured church app MinistryOne before upgrading to a custom branded app?

(Psst,'s included with every plan at no additional cost)

Here's what you can expect

  • Customize the app with your content and color schemes
  • Connect people to sermons, delivering videos right to the palms of their hands
  • Enable registration and payment for events, groups and classes
  • Schedule messages or instantly send alerts with push notifications
  • Submit prayer requests
  • Broaded your reach and increase engagement by upgrading to brand the app icon, app name and splash screen
  • Safely manage child check-ins and communicate with parents
  • Utilize launch resources, like slides and social graphics, to spread the word
  • View consolidated giving history for online and offline gifts
  • Embed a pre-made landing page on your website to promote the app
  • Empower admin with seamless ChMS integrations
  • Equip people to give directly from their mobile devices with one-time and recurring giving. Live stream with our partner ChurchStreaming

Whether you're ready to upgrade to a custom branded app or want to try a standard version of the full-featured church app MinistryOne first (included with every plan!) —we've got you covered!

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