Event Management

Event Management

Simplify the complexity of hosting events with event management software. A streamlined, consolidated, web-based, one-source hub for event details—resources, facilities, communication, reservations, registration, and workflow tracking—keeps everyone on the same page.

Online event management software includes:

Church Event Management and Scheduling

Church scheduling software solutions allow you to centralize the management of your church events. Whether it’s one event at a time, or multiple and back-to-back events, coordinators can rest easy with streamlined workflow routing and communication, automated approval request and all details consolidated in one place.

How Fellowship One church scheduling software can help you tame church event management:

  • Custom forms for online church event registration
  • Customizable questions, answers and instructional text
  • Definable prerequisites based on age, gender, and more
  • Online payment for registration and up-sell items
  • Multiple payment schedules/prices
  • Custom event registration limits
  • Event check-in fully integrated with database
  • Registration, church attendance, and revenue tracking and analysis

How Fellowship One (Premier Edition only) church scheduling software can help you with church event management:

  • Scheduling and resource reservation operate out of a single system
  • Workload distributed by allowing authorized users to submit their own requests
  • Control maintained by routing requests to coordinators for approval
  • 24/7 online access to the system
  • No programming required
  • No software to install, maintain and upgrade
  • Centralized collaboration puts complete instructions for the event at volunteers’ and coordinators’ fingertips
  • Online church calendar scheduling

Event Calendar

Church website calendar software allows events to be automatically published to the calendar, where visitors and members can coordinate their schedules with the church’s offerings and find all the details they need.

Event coordinators and volunteers can access the behind-the-scenes information needed for their role in the event within pre-set limits.

How Fellowship One (Premier Edition only) church event software can help you organize your event calendar:

  • Automatic publishing of events to the website calendar – no need to retype information
  • Members, guests and community can access details, reducing information requests to staff

Resource Management and Scheduling

The details of resources needed for events—including room reservation, audio-visual equipment reservation, child-care and other volunteers, and food service—can now be coordinated in resource scheduling software. Everything in one place with clear work-flows, automated approval requests and even real-time notification of changes helps keep events running smoothly from start to finish.

How Fellowship One (Premier Edition only) can help you schedule and manage event resources:

  • Any room or space can be reserved
  • Needed resources, support, and set-up can be requested at the same time
  • Duplicate reservations of chairs, tables, audio/visual equipment and other resources is avoided
  • Instructions for care of property is visible at the time of reservation and custom form options allow leaders to request a commitment to follow those instructions
  • Any change to resource reservation is automatically routed for approval and update to all relevant coordinators

Room Scheduling

Keeping up with the various room scheduling needs of different ministries is a breeze with room reservation software. At the time the event is scheduled, the room selection is made. The request is automatically routed to the proper person for approval and locked into the schedule.

With room scheduling software, you can reserve a conference room or meeting room, or any other kind of space, with confidence, knowing that the software will prevent double-bookings. You can reserve the resources you will need in that room and even set the temperature to automatically have the room ready in time for your event. In the event of last minute adjustments, communication routing keeps everyone on the same page.

How Fellowship One (Premier Edition only) can help you organize your room scheduling:

  • Conference rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Children’s spaces
  • Sanctuary
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Necessary resources and set-up requested at the same time
  • Instructions for care of property pushed out to those in charge of event

Facility Management and Scheduling

Active churches use their facilities often throughout the week. With multiple ministries reserving rooms, facility management software is a must to make sure there are no conflicts and that coordinators can have rooms ready, including climate control, with a minimal of effort.

The beauty of facility management software is that all details can be reserved at the time the event is planned. The software’s scheduling process walks event coordinators through every possible need, so that nothing is left to memory or chance. Any special instructions for the care of rooms or resources are viewed at the time of reservation. Later changes are tracked and automatically routed for approval to avoid duplicate reservation of resources or rooms, and automatic updates are sent to all personnel who need to know the information. Facility scheduling software can ensure that rooms have all the needed resources as well as the correct temperature.

How Fellowship One (Premier Edition only) can help you with facility management and scheduling:

  • Space reservation and set-up
  • Food and beverage coordination
  • Audio/visual allocation
  • Transportation requirements
  • Child-care details
  • Requests for support services/volunteers

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