FellowshipOne has always put a premium on security and background checks for churches. As the risk to children, adults, property, and information continues to rise, every church, regardless of size or denomination, must implement security practices.

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Thorough background checks for volunteers and staff is a great first step. FellowshipOne church management software makes it simple to obtain and manage secure church background checks. FellowshipOne automates the submission process and stores the results on member profiles, providing easy access for volunteer coordinators.

It can be a daunting task to manage tens, hundreds, or even thousands of church volunteers across multiple ministries and even multiple campuses. FellowshipOne helps you to keep track of the countless staffing assignments, attendance records, and background check results.

Volunteer Strategy

The ease with which FellowshipOne incorporates background checks for churches is a part of an overall strategy for finding and managing volunteers that includes the following tools:

  • Recruiting and identifying volunteers
  • Matching member gifts and talents to volunteer opportunities
  • Accepting volunteer applications online through your website
  • Creating and managing volunteer assignments
  • Tracking and reporting on church volunteer attendance

Church Security Strategy

In addition, a full-security regimen includes not only background checks for church volunteers through experienced firms, but also:

  • A secure check-in system for children and events
  • Aggressive Friendliness training to intervene with difficult people politely
  • Sexual Abuse Prevention training (including sexual harassment)
  • Emergency Action Plan to identify, evaluate and control an emergency
  • Communications Plan for instant and effective communications and coordination